KFC says there’s no evidence their burger had been ‘soaked in semen’ following a complaint by a Twitter user. Image via Unsplash

Clucking mad: KFC addresses complaint about ‘sperm burger’

KFC has investigated a complaint by a tweep claiming one of their burgers was ‘soaked in sperm’. Take a look…


KFC says there’s no evidence their burger had been ‘soaked in semen’ following a complaint by a Twitter user. Image via Unsplash

Fast food franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has responded to a complaint made by a tweep on Sunday 4 September regarding hygiene, saying there is no evidence to back the claim.

According to IOL, a Twitter user (whose account has since been locked) took to the social media platform to issue a complaint about a burger they had bought at the KFC branch in Mall of Africa, Johannesburg.


In the tweet which was accompanied by a picture of the burger, @Valcredence wrote: “@KFCSA the person who made my burger literally ejaculated in it. It is soaked in sperm!!! Did they think I would not notice? It even smells like sperm yet your sauce smells different. I AM HORRIFIED by the Mall of Africa branch. Horrified! This is the worst thing in my life.”

The tweet, which gained lots of traction, received a reply from KFC, requesting the displeased customer to send a direct message with more details. However, the customer told the franchise to send someone to pick up the burger.

“I literally need y’all to come pick up this filth! I beg you! No human deserves this. Please come and get it. I don’t want a refund, I will never patronise you again, pick up your filth is all I ask.”

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Responding to the complaint, KFC said that it follows strict food safety and health procedures in all of its restaurants. In addition, the company said that it did not find any evidence to support the claim and should it find in its investigation that the claim was false, it will take legal action.

“KFC follows strict food safety and handling procedures in all of its restaurants and collaborates with local and provincial health departments to ensure the safety and health of our customers and employees.

“The franchise has also conducted a thorough investigation and likewise has found no evidence to support this claim. KFC takes all customer claims very seriously and since we have been the target of fraudulent claims in the past. If this claim proves to be false, we will seek prosecution,” they said.

Two weeks ago, the fast food giant said it will launch a private investigation to bust one cheeky chancer who has allegedly been posing as a fake food inspector since 2019.

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The burger post received mixed reactions on Twitter. While some tweeps said they believe that KFC is capable of this unhygienic act, others question where a KFC employee would have gotten the semen from.