Radical recoil: ‘Man of Steel’

Image: Owl Rescue Centre /Facebook

Radical recoil: ‘Man of Steel’ video of python release goes viral [watch]

A farm worker has been dubbed ‘a man of steel’ after he released an African rock python into the wild in the North West province.

Radical recoil: ‘Man of Steel’

Image: Owl Rescue Centre /Facebook

A video of a python‘s release close to the town of Zeerust in the North West Province has left the internet in stitches.

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It is reported that Hendrik Hanekom contacted the Owl Rescue Centre — a registered non-profit company and permitted rehabilitation facility concerned with the well-being of all owl species and wildlife in Southern Africa — about the safe release of a python in the area.

Maroela Media reports further that the 4.2m python was initially captured on Thursday 30 September on a game farm close to Zeerust by Hanekom’s son, Johan, and farm worker Jan Seleka before it was released into the wild. Hanekom said that they’ve been trying to find the python for about three months after various sightings by farm workers.

The Owl Rescue Centre said that seeing as Hendrik was just a short distance from a 4000ha nature reserve, it was decided the best thing was for him to release the python close to the snake’s territory and far away from people.

Joseph Seghali dubbed ‘man of steel’ after python release

It seems that Hanekom proceeded to record the release of the python — with a man named Joseph Seghali taking the lead. Seghali — who is familiar with snakes and who offered to help — has since been dubbed as “a man of steel” by his co-workers, Hanekom told the publication.

The video shows Seghali and two of his co-workers, Kabelo Saleka and Roy Mafora, carefully placing the python (safely tucked away in a bag) on the ground. But it is Joseph’s reaction to the python that has left the internet in stitches.

‘Just a bit cautious’

“I was not afraid,” Seghali later told Maroela Media. “Just a bit cautious.”

He also said that he is familiar with snakes, but he did get a bit of a fright when the snake seemingly lifted her head.

The video has since gone viral, with more than 600 000 views on Facebook as of 5 October.