SA doctor Sandile Qwabe

SA doctor Sandile Qwabe. Images via Twitter @AdvoBarryRoux

‘We don’t regulate lifestyle’: HPCSA reacts to Dr Qwabe’s video’s

The HPCSA denies charging popular Dr Sandile Qwabe after tweeps claimed they reported his social media videos and pictures.

SA doctor Sandile Qwabe

SA doctor Sandile Qwabe. Images via Twitter @AdvoBarryRoux

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) says it does not regulate how doctors dress or their lifestyle following backlash on Twitter over Dr Sandile Qwabe’s TikTok videos and pictures.

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HPCSA‘s spokesperson Christopher Tsatsawane told TimesLIVE the council had received no complaints about popular doctor (Dr Sandile Qwabe) who trended on TikTok and Twitter.

The council revealed in a statement: “The HPCSA does not regulate how its registered practitioners dress or their lifestyle. We only regulate their work-related code of conduct with the sole purpose of guiding the profession to protect the public.”

Dr Sandile Qwabe, who’s been dubbed ‘a pantsula doctor’ by tweeps who called him unprofessional and claimed they had reported him to the council.

The council adds that its uncommon for people to complain about a doctor’s dress code and that one of the objects of the board is to “maintain and enhance the dignity of the relevant health profession and the integrity of the persons practising such profession”.

While iReportSA revealed that Doctor Sandile Qwabe is an independent medical officer another tweep added he’s also a qualified engineer.

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“HPCSA has refuted claims that Dr Sandile Qwabe has had complaints laid against him. Qwabe has been trending on social media after videos of him either at work/ social places surfaced on Twitter. “The HPCSA does not have any complaint laid against him, said Christopher Tsatsawane.”‘


“Dr Qwabe is our brother!!! He represents black excellence regardless of how we look!!! We don’t have to act ,look or sound white to be accepted…He is us and we are him!!!!”


Dr Qwabe is a qualified DR and he is the best in the hospital where he works. Recently he got promoted and he is like the senior in running the whole hospital & wena who doesn’t have a matric certificate like that DA guy John Henry Steenhuisen you are trying to look down on him.”


“Dr Qwabe being cancelled because he doesn’t meet y’all colonial standards, is the craziest shit ever. I still don’t understand why he’s being reported because he did nothing offensive or wrong.”

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