bank robbers

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Inside job: ‘The Business of Crime’ cracks the mind of a bank robber [watch]

Ever wondered how criminals pull off a bank jobs? Look no further than ‘The Business of Crime’…

bank robbers

Image: Pexels

Did you ever want to know how banks are robbed? Interestingly enough, in the United States, a bank is robbed every 14 minutes. VICE is going into the minds of bank robbers in a new series they have titled The Business of Crime

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According to one ex-bank robber, it seems robbing a bank is actually not that difficult…or maybe you’re just thinking about it too much! 

VICE’s Zing Tsjeng looks back at a bank robbery that took place in August 2005 at the Fortaleza Banco Central branch in Brazil. Tsjeng notes that preparation for the bank robbery took months and the robbers built a hole from their home base to the Fortaleza Banco Central branch to pull off the robbery. 

The robbers managed to get away with $17 million (R242 million) and unfortunately for the bank, the money was not insured. 


Clay Tumey is an ex-bank robber who tells his own story of how he robbed several banks in the United States. 

“I wouldn’t ask for any defined amount of money, I would tell them ‘give me all of your 50s and 100s’ and that was it. The final bank that I’d robbed she gave me like eight or nine hundred bucks. It was less than $1000. That was the only time that I didn’t accept that… legit.”

He says the gateway into robbery for him was when he realised that banks don’t have the best security. 

Tumey robbed several banks in 2006, but hung up his sack after the birth of his son Jett. Tumey detailed his stories in a book titled, The Blue Chip Store: How Bank Robbery Changed My Life

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Robbing a bank is not the best way to get money and we are certainly not encouraging it, but you can get into the mind of a bank robber by watching The Business of Crime

Unfortunately for South Africans, you won’t be able to watch The Business of Crime series, but you can catch some insight into The Business of Crime on VICE’s YouTube channel.