flying Tesla.

Cops are on the lookout for the person who purposely crashed this Tesla. Image via Twitter: @chazzydawgg

Is it a bird, a plane? It’s a ‘Flying Tesla’! Cops offer reward for ‘stuntman’

US police are offering a R14k cash reward for information on the person who sent a Tesla ‘flying’ over a hill and ran away from the scene.

flying Tesla.

Cops are on the lookout for the person who purposely crashed this Tesla. Image via Twitter: @chazzydawgg

A few days ago, a video of someone driving a Tesla over a hill causing it to “fly” and then crash into some trash cans and another car went viral. Since then, US police have issued a reward for any information around the person behind the wheel who fled the scene shortly after the crash.

Another car that was damaged by the crash-landing will now also need costly repairs as a result of the driver’s reckless actions.

Tesla crasher wanted for dangerous stunt that saw car ‘flying’ over a hill

On 20 March this year, a video of a man behind the wheel of a Tesla driving the car off a cliff and then abandoning it started circulating on social media as many wondered what on Earth the man was thinking.

According to reports, the car was a rented Model S that was abandoned at Baxter Street in Los Angeles shortly after its short “flight” and the culprit has not yet been found.

2OceansVibe reports that Police are treating the incident as a hit-and-run and are offering a monetary award for any information on the unknown driver.

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“A statement by the LAPD said it offered a $1000 (R14 787) reward for information leading to the offender’s “identification, apprehension, and conviction or resolution through a civil compromise”.

“Detective Juan Campos, who’s with LAPD’s Central Traffic Division said, “Luckily, nobody got killed. … One wrong move and it would’ve gone to the left or right and we would’ve had a different story,” reads a statement in NewsAU.

Paying the price of someone else’s actions

Meanwhile, the man whose car was damaged by the Tesla crash, Jordan Hook, has since taken to YouTube to share how much it has cost him to repair his Subaru Forester truck.

“The cringe-worthy thing that gets your blood boiling isn’t necessarily the car jumping and crashing,” he said.

“It’s the attitude of these guys and the fact that they’re so cocky about it. Then they just get up and leave after it’s done,” said Hook.

Unfortunately, the police are unable to help Hook who also added that the repairs will cost him most of his life savings which are around $5000 (R73 991).

His neighbours have since started a GoFundMe page to help him make up the money for the costly car repairs due to the unfortunate and reckless actions of the unknown Tesla driver.

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