Eskom load shedding

Outgoing Eskom boss André de Ruyter: Image via Twitter @Stoute_SA

Eskom: André de Ruyter discusses bodyguards and ‘death threats’

Eskom CEO André de Ruyter claims he can’t leave his house without bodyguards due to load shedding death threats.

Eskom load shedding

Outgoing Eskom boss André de Ruyter: Image via Twitter @Stoute_SA

Eskom CEO André de Ruyter, who South Africans blame for load shedding reveals he’s hired bodyguards for himself and his family as he’s getting death threats.  

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According to You Magazine, Eskom CEO André de Ruyter had to hire bodyguards as he receives constant death threats ‘I’m going to come and take out your whole family’. The CEO is also in the firing line as the country is in the grip of the worst period of load shedding in SA history.   

De Ruyter says he’s hired bodyguards and won’t discuss his loved ones as their safety comes first.

“They didn’t choose this job. I can’t leave my front gate without my bodyguards, which limits my family’s movements too. I’m a little tired of these threats.”   

The publication adds that a new Eskom board has just been appointed and it is unclear if the strategy they come up with will involve De Ruyter keeping his job.   

“Can I do my job better? For sure. Have I made mistakes? For sure. But what I can tell you is that I’m really trying to act in the country’s best interests. I’m not trying to enrich myself or my family or steal money. I don’t have an underhanded agenda. But when these things happen [the bugging and threats], I want to ask, ‘What are we doing here? What’s the national agenda, the plan, the vision to take the country to a better place if people who are trying – not always successfully, but at least trying – are being spied on, followed, threatened?’”  

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Eskom doesn’t have enough reserve energy to avoid load shedding when something breaks down or maintenance is done and the crisis is crippling the country.  

He adds he’s been “pleading“ with the government for between 4GW and 6GW of new capacity for the past three years, but “progress isn’t happening fast enough”.  

“Eskom already has all the infrastructure in place for companies to erect large solar farms in the middle of coal country (Mpumalanga), where the impact of the closing of old power stations would be felt most.”  

“Now, our plan is to lease the land adjacent to the power stations on a long-term basis. Why rent and not sell? Well, if we sell, someone can sit on that land and use it for grazing. We want to control what happens there. If you’re not erecting your renewable energy equipment, we want the right to remove you. That’s one of the terms.” 

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