Enyobeni tavern

Four people were arrested for allegedly stealing from Enyobeni Tavern victims. Image via Twitter @activefm

Enyobeni survivor: ‘Some people brought alcohol from another tavern’

Although food and drinks were reportedly free, an Enyobeni Tavern survivor says some young people bought alcohol from another shebeen.

Enyobeni tavern

Four people were arrested for allegedly stealing from Enyobeni Tavern victims. Image via Twitter @activefm

It has been almost a month, yet it is still not clear what lead to the death of 21 teenagers at the Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park, East London, on 26 June.

While some form of alcohol poisoning is still a possibility — especially after a preliminary toxicology report on Tuesday 19 July revealed methanol was found in the blood of all the young people who died — a survivor has told the Daily Maverick that some of them bought alcohol from another shebeen that night.

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According to a young woman who survived the fateful morning, some tavern-goers had arrived to the “pens down” party with their own alcohol.

“There is also another tavern close to Enyobeni Tavern and some were coming from that tavern with their alcohol, but the majority of us got our drinks at Enyobeni,” the young lady told the publication.

For another survivor, however, the alcohol that they bought from Enyobeni was no different to what they were used to buying at tavern.

“It was the same beer we always drink and…have been drinking there,” the survivor, who is below the legal drinking age, said.

In the wake of the Enyobeni Tavern tragedy, another 17-year-old survivor revealed in an interview with Tru FM that they were, however, served free alcohol and food at the party.


Methanol, which was found in the blood of the 21 victims, is reportedly found in illegally or home-brewed alcohol, according to News24. Additionally, it can be found in anti-freeze, sanitisers, pesticides, building materials, car parts, plastics and paints.

According to a parent whose child, Aluncedo, died that day, there was no homemade alcohol at Enyobeni.

“There was no homemade alcohol we know of and if they are saying there is something wrong with the alcohol, the children must have bought it there,” the parent, whose name is Asanda Monelo, said.

While this is the case, the Daily Maverick reports that a day after the preliminary toxicology results were released, the police did not answer questions on whether the alcohol at Enyobeni Tavern had been tested by forensic experts.