Divorce party

Divorce parties are fast becoming a trend
Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

The end of an error: What you need to know about the divorce party trend

‘I do, I did and I’m done!’ Here’s why divorce parties are becoming a hot new trend for adults celebrating the end of their civil unions…

Divorce party

Divorce parties are fast becoming a trend
Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

There’s a new way to celebrate your single status, and it’s called a divorce party!

And it goes without saying, a separation usually ushers in a new chapter in your life, so why not cheers to it!


The trend of the divorce party is not a new concept. In many cultures the dissolving of a civil union is acknowledged with various practices.

For the North African Beidane ethnicity, a divorce party marks a woman’s re-entry into society and signals her new single status to future suitors while in Mauritia, divorced women will receive a “welcome home” party from their family.

And in Japan, former couples partake in a bizarre ceremony called a “rashiki” which strangely involves smashing a cream pie into your significant other’s face!

Gauteng women: ‘I do, I did and I’m done’

Closer to home, a Gauteng woman went viral in 2020 after she celebrated the end of her toxic marriage with a divorce party.

Mabidietsa Rasentsoere, of Vosloorus, posted pics on social media of herself wearing a black sash that read:

“Divorced diva” and a two-tier cake with the words “I do, I did and I’m done” and “Divorced at last” emblazoned across it.

She told Drum magazine of her celebrations: “I owe myself happiness first before someone can give that to me. I finally found myself. I am celebrating myself and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that”.

And then there’s singer Skolopad who not only celebrated her short-lived second marriage, but she made money off of it by hosting not one, but two divorce parties to the public.

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Like all auspicious occasions, there is an etiquette to abide by when planning and celebrating a divorce party. They include:

Don’t bash your ex

“The party becomes more of a celebration of the journey. Clients won’t mention their opposite a lot. It is not a bashing type event. It is a celebration of a person, not the ending of a tragic marriage,” party planner Crystal Marie told metroparent.com.

Keep it light and fun

A divorce party is a fun way of celebrating your future. “The most beautiful divorce parties are those that are 100 percent positive in nature, with an eye toward the future, rather than the past,” Dr. Carla Marie Manly told O magazine.

Don’t invite everyone off your original wedding guest list

“Bad idea. Keep your guest list to close friends and relatives who will get it. Not everyone is comfortable attending this kind of event, “ said Christine Gallagher, author of The Divorce Party Handbook: How to Throw an Unforgettable Divorce Party told Huffington Post.

Don’t drown your sorrows in the bottle

“Be careful not to overindulge. As we all know, too much booze can make you emotional, and can lead to bad decision-making— and this party is correcting one bad decision already, isn’t it?,” author and divorcee Beth Levine told Houstania Mag.

When it comes to dress code, usually anything goes although we doubt wearing a white dress would feature high on the list.


California writer and filmmaker Liz Maupin had her social media followers in hysterics when she attempted to recreate a picture of an elated Nicole Kidman leaving her lawyer’s office after filing for divorce from then husband Tom Cruise.

The picture was captured at a divorce party attended by Liz’s close family and friends.

“It was absolutely empowering and so fun. I chose to make the party no-boys-allowed. I highly recommend having a divorce party if you find yourself divorced someday, ” she told MailOnline.