James Bond lookalike Steve Wright (right) and Daniel Craig (left) Images via https://danielcraiglookalike.co.uk/ and Twitter @Daniel_CraigFan

No Time to Cry: Daniel Craig’s Bond lookalike says ‘it is the end of me’

Daniel Craig’s James Bond lookalike Steve Wright says he hopes to still squeeze in a few gigs before they name the ‘No Time to Die’ star’s 007 successor.


James Bond lookalike Steve Wright (right) and Daniel Craig (left) Images via https://danielcraiglookalike.co.uk/ and Twitter @Daniel_CraigFan

Daniel Craig bowing out of the James Bond role means two things. Firstly, a talented actor will replace Craig as 007 and secondly, James Bond lookalike Steve Wright, might be out of a job. Wright (who is only two weeks younger than Daniel Craig) says he is about to experience a dry spell, but he is hopeful that he can squeeze in a few more gigs. 

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According to Steve Wright’s website, he is part of the Stunt Action Specialists team that performs Bond-themed stunt shows across the globe.

Wright who has been doing this for the past 14 years, is available for a number of services, including hosting, films, television commercials and meet and greets. It is reported that Wright would charge £577 (R11 676) for a two-hour meet and greet including travel expenses.

Wright who grew up in the English seaside town of Sherringham in Norfolk, has travelled to Dubai, Monaco and even South Africa as a 007 lookalike. A highlight of his career was having the opportunity to appear in a scene in Quantum of Solace next to Daniel Craig in 2008. 

“I sent some pictures to a lookalike agency and in a month I was in a luxury hotel in Monaco just about to start a gig thinking ‘what the f*** am I doing here?’”


Wright noted that the key to being a successful 007 lookalike is to speak slowly and directly to a person: “especially a lady — and remember to give a few choice compliments.”

He says it is definitely a lot of work to entertain a room full of 500 people but after getting into the swing of things, he enjoyed it and started to look forward to it. 

“Working as a lookalike has given me access to events normal people do not get to go to.” 

The 53-year-old works as a photographer by day and people have told him that he looks similar to Daniel Crag. 

“I work with a Gordon Ramsay lookalike, and he’s the spitting image, he’s always getting attention – I like that I’m undercover because I couldn’t handle it 24/7,” said Wright.

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Daniel Craig has hung up his tuxedo as James Bond and his fifth and final movie as the spy agent, No Time to Die, premiered on Tuesday 28 September at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Wright said: “Once the new film is out I think that will be the end of me. The final curtain will have come down.”

Speaking to East Anglian Daily Times, he said he fears a dry spell because the same thing happened to the Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan lookalikes. He does have hope that he can do a few gigs before a new Bond is named.

“In nine months they’ll name the new Bond, but I think I’ve got some time left.”