Bonang Mbalula Pongola

Media personality Bonang Matheba. Image via Twitter @Bonang_M

‘Get a gas mask’: Steph B, Bonang & more celebs react to Joburg stink

Media personality Bonang Matheba, Stephanie B, more celebs and South Africans react to the big stink that hit Johannesburg today (8 June).

Bonang Mbalula Pongola

Media personality Bonang Matheba. Image via Twitter @Bonang_M

Bonang, South Africans and more celebrities took to social media to react to the big stink that hit Johannesburg on Wednesday, 8 June.   

It is believed the stench is a combination of elevated levels of sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.  

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Media personality Bonang Matheba, celebs, and South Africans living in Johannesburg took to Twitter to complain about the ‘horrific’ smell in the air this morning.  

Residents in the City of Gold revealed this is not the first time they’re hit with the stink.  

Mzansi reacted on social media to describe the bad smell in the air in the province and reached for their COVID masks to keep the stench away.  



“There’s barely a space to breathe in the Joburg CBD.”

“The smell of urine runs amok in every corner of the inner city “A World Class African City” So they say!” 


“I’ve been looking all over my place, bathroom kitchen trying to check where the smell is coming from.”

“Even outside, Joburg smells like drain.”  



“We can smell it in the office in Illovo too.”  

“Le mo Bedford gona le smell. I think it’s the atmosphere.”  


“I love you for the humor nje. The smell is burning jealousy my love.”  


“They are at it again with the release of sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide in the atmosphere in Gauteng again.”   


“The Sasol Synfuels plant in Secunda was blamed for this last year.”

“They have vehemently denied any wrongdoing. I’ve been to Embalenhle, it is worse.” 


“Adv Mshololo just said Kelly Khumalo, Zandile, their mother, Longwe, and others must be charged with murder. That’s the smell Queen.”  


“Bathong mos it’s the whole of Jwanzbek.”  


“It’s what they spray in the air to keep us sick. It’s almost more prominent in June and December.” 

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