Tweeps troll Woolies over price of bread. Image via Twitter @Cb_Noghost01.

‘R52.99 for bread?’: Tweeps unimpressed with Woolies prices

‘It has the same ingredients as the one Jesus ate’: Tweeps weigh in on Woolies’ gluten-free bread priced at R52.99!


Tweeps troll Woolies over price of bread. Image via Twitter @Cb_Noghost01.

“Woolies” which is short for retail company Woolworths trended on Twitter on Tuesday 6 Spetember as Tweeps discussed their prices. 


A Twitter user who goes by the handle @Cb_Noghost01 shared a snap of a loaf of bread from Woolies which cost R52.99. 

“R52,99 for bread? What’s Special about it,” read the tweet. 

The bread is gluten free, which may have been the reason for the high price, but Tweeps were still unimpressed. Take a look…

“Gluten aside. Me: Bring back that gluten you put aside,” wrote @FloTamba.

“It has same ingredients as the one Jesus ate,” wrote @Mtoleezy.


“The bread jesus broke at the last supper,” wrote @Reu_Ma_.

“There’s one that costs R70 bucks and is smaller in size at the same shop,” wrote @ZukzFranco.

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  • According to the Woolies website, a loaf of high fibre white bread or whole wheat brown bread is R22.99.
  • At checkers, Albany white bread is R18.99 but R13.99 with an extra savings card. 
  • Pick n Pay’s Albany brown bread is R17.19 and white bread is R19.29


Despite Tweeps thought’s on bread, Woolies was reportedly found to be cheaper than other retailers. According to The Outlier in-store shopping of a grocery basket at Woolworths was chapter more affordable at Woolies than Checkers, Pick n Pay and Spar.

So, what was in the grocery bag?

  • A loaf of white bread
  • Two-litre store-brand sunflower oil
  • 2.5kg maize meal
  • A two-litre store-brand milk
  • 2.5kg Selati sugar
  • One 175g of Dettol Herbal soap 
  • 2kg pack of Tastic rice
  • 2.5kg Snowflake cake flour
  • 18 pack of two-ply Baby Soft toilet rolls.

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