BMW is charging its customers R300 for heated seats in their vehicles. Image via Pixabay

‘Greedy, exploitative’: BMW’s heated seat subscription gets cold shoulder

‘How is this legal?’ Luxury car manufacturer BMW is charging R300 per month for heated seats and customers are NOT impressed…


BMW is charging its customers R300 for heated seats in their vehicles. Image via Pixabay

BMW is one of the most popular car brands in the world with incredible features like parking sensors, eight-speed automatic transmission and an impeccable sound system. The German-manufactured car is now offering its customers heated seats and other basic features for a subscription fee of $18 (approximately R300) a month. 

According to SkyNews, customers have criticised BMW as “greedy and exploitative” as the “basic features” are offered for free in other vehicles. 

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As per SkyNews, BMW’s ConnectedDrive feature is available for customers in South Africa, Germany, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Apart from the heated seats feature, there are also options for a heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise control with lane centring and a driving assistance system. 

A spokesperson for the car manufacturer said the option is only available for customers who did not have the features installed when they purchased their vehicle. 

“For secondary owners, this functionality is particularly useful, as they now have the opportunity to add features the original owner did not choose,” added the spokesperson. 


Taking to Twitter, BMW owners were outraged about the subscription fee offered for heated seats. 

“Companies should NOT be having a f*cking subscription for HEATED car seats and a HEATED wheel. Don’t even try it,” wrote one tweep. 

“Who’s going to be the first person to jailbreak a BMW for those free heated seats,” wrote another tweep. 

“How is this legal? Not to forget BMM would technically have full control over heated seats and can shut it off at any time and also force you to rebuy it.”

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The Verge reports that the hardware for the extra features has already been installed install BMWs “at no extra cost” and customers will have to sign up for the subscription fee to “activate” them.