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Blind musician from Limpopo releases second album

“I am blind, but I can see the future. We must never allow our disability to be a stumbling block to our success.”


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These are the words from Humbulani Munyai famously known as Jongwe Guru in the music industry. Munyai, a famous blind musician from Musina, has just released his second album titled Mpho ya tshiphiri (Secret gift) last week.

Munyai, a strong Christian, says although disabled people are faced with many challenges in life, it is important for them to stand up and build a bright future for themselves.

“Imagine walking into the studio and singing in front of the microphone that you don’t even see. I have to imagine how the studio equipment looks and make sure that I produce the music that people will enjoy. But the fact that I don’t see does not mean that I cannot do what other people do.”

Releasing the album

The singer, who has an interest in farming, says it took him three years to compile and work on the album.

“The album talks about ordinary life topics like love, respect and the hardships of life that people come across on daily basis. Music is a vehicle of unity and it is important to unite the community through this platform. I have also included Shona lyrics in other songs because I also have a large following in Zimbabwe. I’m happy that despite the fact that the album is a just week old, it has already started receiving airplay in various radio stations. My fans are also calling and I have also sold more than 300 copies.”

He said he was inspired by the late Zimbabwean blind musician, Paul Matavire who released hit after hit despite the fact that he could not see.

“If the late Matavire could do it, I can also do it. He made me fall in love with Jit (a style of dance music popular in Zimbabwe) music and I started to prepare myself to record my first album in 2015. I had to stand up and follow my dreams because nobody would have done that for me. I also want to encourage other disabled community members to follow their dreams and forget about their disability.”

Munyai’s new album comprises eight songs which will automatically force his fans to put their dancing shoes on. These include Ndi na ye, Khonani yanga, Mazhakandila, Vhananga, Tshi sa fheli tshi a tula, Mbilu yanga, Bebi Rangu and the title track, Mpho ya Tshiphiri.

For public performance, CD sales and bookings, Munyai can be contacted on 072 078 6054.

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