black friday south africa

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Black Friday 2020: How to prepare for and survive SA’s biggest shopping spree

Black Friday 2020 is only hours away. If you’re looking for a tip or two on how to make the most out of it, keep reading.

black friday south africa

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It’s almost Black Friday, South Africa’s largest shopping event which is predicted to boom this year, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we live and shop.

We suggest you start preparing tonight because Black Friday will probably beat you with a broomstick and leave you crying in the dirt if you’re not ready. And no one wants that.

Black Friday 2020: Your one-stop guide

Save your Black Friday deals

If you haven’t already, start by saving all the deals you’ve had your eye on. You could add links to the products in Evernote or a spreadsheet, or even save it to your internet browser’s bookmark tab.

Remember to be honest with yourself and assess whether you really need the product, and if you’d be able to pay it off (and how long it would take) if you plan to purchase it on credit.

Black Friday South Africa
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On Black Friday, try to not wander around the internet aimlessly. Stick to your plan and your budget and head straight to your saved products. Then log out because out there be money-munching dragons.

Update your info

Set up your payment and shipping information in advance. No one has the time to enter all those details while still trying to beat thousands of other people to the same deal.

If you’re planning to buy an expensive item, make sure your credit cards and banking limits are changed ahead of time as well.

Buddy up for Black Friday

Create a WhatsApp group and add family and friends to help you make it through the day. Each person can post what they’re hoping to buy, and you can help each other bag the best deals.

If your Wi-Fi happens to act up, one of the people in your group can complete the purchase on your behalf in the meantime. Just keep track of who owes what, we don’t want a blood bath on our conscience.

Black Friday South Africa
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Download the app

If the retailer has an app available, download it before the Black Friday mania begins. If their website crashes, chances are the app will still work. Ensure that you are logged in and your details are updated.

Get an early start

Now that your preparations are in place, set your alarm. Most retailers will start dropping prices at 00:00. If you’re not a night owl, get a few hours sleep during the early evening hours.

Black Friday South Africa
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Final words

Marketers – and algorithms much smarter than us – are at work at capturing your attention this week and changing your spending habits. There are a few steps you can take.

Apart from these cybersecurity risks, you will need to get your guard up against marketing engineering and other scams as well, such as phishing emails. The most prevalent phishing scams occur via email.

“Another popular scam will see an email that asks people to sign up with their personal information, or even lead you to a fake website to get you to complete an actual payment to receive the deal. You should always look to exercise caution online”.


Are you ready? Good luck! And may the odds be ever in your favour.