Black bear pitches up on woman

Black bear pitches up on woman’s porch for some fresh-baked brownies [photos]

The internet loves bears, and so do we.

Black bear pitches up on woman

A household in Connecticut in the US had to ‘entertain’ a rather unexpected guest last week. Apparently, the homeowner was making some brownies when she found a bear standing at the door.

According to the BBC, the black bear managed to rip off the screen door, but was unable to open the glass door even after climbing onto a porch handrail.


One of the woman’s neighbours went to help and snapped some pictures of the bear (who looks quite cute).

Bob Belfoire said the bear simply refused to be scared off. “Though it looks cute on the railing, this bear was angry about not being able to get at the food.” He also said the bear started slamming the glass door.

He reportedly told emergency services that they tried everything to scare the bear off saying he’s not afraid of noise, screaming, yelling or pounding.


After the bear was done pawing at the back door – which leads to the kitchen – he did try to access other doors to the home. By the time police arrived, the bear lost interest and left.

Some couldn’t help but see the humour in the story, though:

All for the love of some baked goods!