bill, Nightclub-tips-waiters

Woman showed off her club bill on X. Image via Instagram: @KonkaSoweto

Big tippers leave Mzansi looking for jobs in flashy nightclubs

Many are wondering how they can get jobs as waiters in SA’s upmarket nightclubs after one waiter was tipped a massive R39k in one night!

bill, Nightclub-tips-waiters

Woman showed off her club bill on X. Image via Instagram: @KonkaSoweto

Over the last few days South African club Konka has been trending as locals discuss all the money being spent by the country’s richest on booze and hookah pipes. Many people joked about how “normal” people can’t afford to be in the club while some have been left shaken after seeing exactly how much the waiters and waitresses make while working in these places in only one night.

Waiters make big money from big spenders in nightclubs and bars – many want in

Many people have for a long time looked down on waiters and waitresses because of a common misconception that they earn very little money.

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit, however, tipping culture changed dramatically as people started leaving big tips for restaurant staff in an attempt to help them recover from the damage that was imposed by the country’s lengthy lockdown periods.

It turns out that things are not only good in the restaurant industry but in the nightlife industry too as people have shared photos of their bills at the end of a night of hectic spending in South Africa’s most upmarket bars and nightclubs.

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Lucky waiter makes R39k in tips in one night

One bill, in particular, was shared by Durban champagne lounge Rich Dbn which is situated in Umgeni, had a whopping R390 000 total leaving the lucky person who was serving that table with a massive R39 000 tip.

Another bill that comes from Jojo lounge in Maboneng Johannesburg amounted to R62 463.50 but the generous patron rounded it off to R80 000 leaving the waiter with R17 536 as a tip.

Meanwhile, IOL reports that Moja Love cafe is also in the big leagues after one person was tipped R7000 from a person whose bill was R84740.

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