Bheki Cele

Scores of celebrities have slammed Police Minister Bheki Cele over his insensitive comments about a rape victim.
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‘Monster of police’: Bheki Cele blasted over rape victim comments [watch]

‘How can somebody be lucky after being raped?’: South Africans – including celebs – have questioned Bheki Cele over his comments.

Bheki Cele

Scores of celebrities have slammed Police Minister Bheki Cele over his insensitive comments about a rape victim.
Image via Twitter

South Africans and celebrities alike are mortified after Police Minister Bheki Cele made a shocking statement about a young girl who had recently been raped.

This minister of police was speaking in an interview following last week’s horrific act of eight women being raped near a Krugersdorp mine dump.

Many of the women were gang-raped and robbed after filming a gospel music video. A total of 67 people have been arrested in connection with the rapes.

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Speaking in the eNCA interview, Bheki Cele recounted the shocking ordeal. 

In a clip that has been widely shared on social media, he says: “One woman was raped by 10 different men, the other by eight, the other by six, four, three…”

But it was Bheki Cele’s next line that shocked and disturbed South African. He added: “The 19-year-old was lucky – if it was lucky – she was raped by one man”. 

The video found itself on TikTok with one user expressing their disgust. “Rape is rape and how could a 19-year-old be lucky after being raped?”.

Gender-based activists Women For Change also posted the video on their social media platforms. They added: “Women’s Month in South Africa and we still have to listen to the sh*t said by Bheki Cele, Minister of Police”.

“Eight women were raped last week by several men. Yet police hasn’t linked one of if it’s more than 80 suspects to the rape. We are in hell!”.

Bheki Cele Krugersdorp
Bheki Cele delivered an update on the Krugersdorp case from the ANC policy conference.
Photo: Flickr / GCIS


As well as ordinary South Africans, some of South Africa’s biggest stars lashed out at Bheki Cele over his insensitive words.

Here’s what they had to say:

Siv Ngesi: “Dear women, you’re on your own! This is said by the monster (I mean) minister of police! ANC needs to f**k off!”

Amanda du Pont: “Let’s not begin to unpack the after math our mental states after these ordeals. How can we help these woman?”

Candice Modiselle: “He’s completely unmoved. Unfazed”

Layla Kolbe: “No words. Wish we could take our country back”

Jonathon Boynton-Lee: “We’re living in a horror movie and ANC are the writers”

Courtnae Paul: “We are in hell”

Rowlene: “Absolutely terrifying. Are they actually stupid, is this all an act? I don’t understand”

Rosie Motene: “A whole minister of police. How can somebody be lucky for being raped? This narrative is dangerous and is proof that we have a long way to go. We have reported at how certain SA police handle cases, if they take the lead from minister Bheki Cele, can we be surprised?”

Manaka Ranaka: “This is the mentality of these old men in leadership positions. They all think like this. How tf is being raped make one lucky? Wtf is this rape apologist saying? We are on our own”