wife debt

This wife paid off all her husband’s debt. Images via Twitter: @jaylab

Best partner ever? Wife pays off hubby’s debt as a Christmas present!

Wifey goals: A young woman decided to pay off all her husband’s debt as a Christmas present and his reaction to the news was priceless!

wife debt

This wife paid off all her husband’s debt. Images via Twitter: @jaylab

A young wife has impressed many people online after she decided to give her husband the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. In a heartwarming social media post, her husband can be seen opening up his gift which reveals that she had paid off his student loans.

The post left many people wishing their partners could do the same.

Woman pays off her husbands debt for Christmas

Millions of people across the world are struggling with huge amounts of debt and financial strain. Often when entering a relationship, the debt can cause some problems for a couple who have to deal with financial strains as a result of their partner’s debt.

One wife decided to completely get rid of that problem in her relationship by completely paying off her husband’s student loans. Jayla B took to Twitter where she shared a clip of her husband’s reaction to the extremely thoughtful Christmas gift.

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On Instagram, she explained the reason behind her gift:

“We started the beginning of this year with a look at our finances and debts. It was our desire to go into 2022 closer to being completely debt-free. My husband from the beginning of our relationship has talked about his student loans being like a dark cloud hovering over him and now his family.

“He started to work a second job to make sure we were okay. He did everything he could to grant that desire of my heart. Fast forward to today where I can finally thank him for it all and grant the desire of his, and mine.”

Netizens love it

@JulieACWalsh said:

“Wearing pajamas with “Jolly” on it makes this even sweeter. Congratulations to you both.”

@RMauriceParker said:

“You got a sister, cousin, like minded single friends? I don’t even have any student loan debt (or any debt outside of my mortgages) but I just want a woman who is that thoughtful and that much of a team player!”

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