3 Best Voucher Platforms in South Africa. Image: Supplied

3 Best Voucher Platforms in South Africa

(Partner Content) Voucher platforms are a simple, effective alternative for cash users wanting to participate in the digital economy – and they also offer profitable benefits to both businesses and clients.


3 Best Voucher Platforms in South Africa. Image: Supplied

Digital vouchers are fast-growing in popularity as they are delivered in real-time, can be redeemed instantly, and carry a much lower risk than using a credit/debit card for online purchases. And for added security, each voucher features a unique PIN code, much like how store-bought airtime works. 

In the case of businesses, digital vouchers are an excellent marketing driver to maximise customer engagement and loyalty. At the same time, clients can benefit from incentives like inbuilt discounts and a host of other rewards for consistent purchase support.

However, vouchers also pose risks for businesses in the form of unprofitable customer abuse and fraudulent dealing. On the customer’s side, unfair pricing structures might be hidden. This is why it’s important to choose your voucher platforms wisely, with a clear understanding of both the benefits and the risks. 

This article analyses the three best online voucher platforms available to South Africans that guarantee security and offer an assortment of great benefits. 

1. OTT Voucher

OTT Voucher, a CliqueFin company, offers a wide range of redemption partners and participating retailers across the country. 

With more than 96,000 formal and informal retail stores, service stations, and local shops listed, OTT provides a smooth, user-friendly payment option for cash customers to shop online. So, no matter what you’re purchasing, cash users will save in the long run.

Focused on empowering the 85% of South Africans who prefer to use cash or have no choice but to use cash, OTT Voucher provides an easy to use method for bridging the gap between cash and online shopping. OTT makes online transactions available to cash customers who would otherwise miss out on the many outstanding deals limited to online buyers in the digital world.

With denomination values ranging between R5 and R5,000, buying options are extensive. 100% of the voucher’s value is instantly available – and there are no hidden fees. In addition, OTT Voucher also offers high-value periodical promotions and cash giveaways through its competitions partner “Second Chance” which is an instant rewards platform. This benefits all participants and makes OTT the premier platform of choice.

2. BluVoucher

BluVoucher is another great platform for participating in online shopping without the need for a bank card. 

By making an initial cash voucher purchase at any participating dealer, the world of mobile or internet shopping is put instantly at your disposal, with an online top-up facility that keeps you liquid in the online realm.

The benefits for redemption partners are obvious and wide-ranging, enabling hassle-free and regulated purchases without the need for cash-based in-store buying. 

BluVoucher offers reliable delivery across various services and retail clients from large stores to petrol stations and local spaza shops with its extensive distribution network.

3. 1ForYou

As a voucher platform that is part of the Flash Group, 1ForYou has a large redemption base, offering voucher access at all Flash Shops, Pep Stores, Shoprite, and Ackermans, among several others. 

As with other platforms, vouchers retain their total value with no need for banking facilities as a medium for transactions.

Focused on the large and growing African retail network, 1ForYou creates online transactional opportunities that hold immense potential for participating partners and customers usually constrained by the need to stick only to cash buying.

Within the 1ForYou platform, 1Voucher is your choice for safe online betting. While obviating the need for banking facilities and credit cards, this voucher provides a safe and easy route to informal sector betting. 1Voucher can also be sold and exchanged for Hollywoodbets vouchers.

This platform offers betting operators a rapid and secure payment system while protecting customers from exceeding pre-planned gaming budgets.