Beauty and balance: a calculat

Beauty and balance: a calculated science

Achieving a beautiful appearance has been desirable since, well, forever. Methods of achieving and maintaining beauty have surfaced in the form of all sorts of procedures and potions.

Beauty and balance: a calculat

Phi – the golden ratio

The ratio determined by Phi, the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet and representing the value 1.618, was referred to by the Renaissance artists as the Divine Proportion: the key to achieving harmony and balance in architecture, sculpture and paintings.

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Phi and your face

The philosophy of intertwining artistic beauty and mathematics is still prevalent today, most notably in the field of modern dentistry and facial aesthetics.

Through the use of advanced digital radiographic and photographic diagnostics, a practitioner can now determine the exact dimensions of both the hard and soft tissues and can compare these dimensions to a range of ideal values.

Ancient beauty and modern aesthetics

Sophisticated algorithms allow for absolute precision when it comes to creating harmony through orthodontics. The procedure is time-efficient and highly effective, and extends beyond just the shifting of teeth.

Want in on Phi?

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By the end of it, you’ll have achieved a beauty that the Greeks could have only attributed to their gods.


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