Zulu King Misuzulu has faced backlash from animal activists over his ‘royal hunt’ of a wild lion.
Image via Twitter

‘Bayede Dawg’: Tweeps defend Zulu king after ‘royal hunt’ criticism

Fans of Zulu King Misuzulu have defended him over ‘animal cruelty’ criticism after pics and clips of his ‘royal hunt’ of a lion went viral.


Zulu King Misuzulu has faced backlash from animal activists over his ‘royal hunt’ of a wild lion.
Image via Twitter

With controversy already surrounding his official crowning this weekend, Zulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini has had to contend with animal activists calling him out for his “royal hunt” of a wild lion.

The royalty found himself trending on social media after pictures and clips of his traditional hunting ceremony went viral.

According to Zulu custom, the heir must hunt a lion before “entering the kraal” as part of his coronation.

Misizulu will officially be welcomed at the KwaKhangelamankengane Royal Palace in Nongoma, KwaZulu-Natal, on Saturday 20 August.


In photos that went viral on Thursday this week, Misuzulu can be seen proudly showing off a lion killed on the “royal hunt”.

The hunt took place at the privately owned game farm Mkuze Falls Game Reserve. The Zulu king is expected to wear the skin of the lion on Saturday when he enters the kraal.

But while Misizulu was practising his age-old Zulu customs, many social media users — particularly animal activists — called him out for killing a wild lion.

See what tweeps had to say below:

@Feikemanagement: “And under what authority did he hunt a lion? It’s a criminal offense to do so without a permit including a CITES-issued tag”

@africanscribe: “A lion was killed so that the incoming Zulu king can follow an outdated and unethical cultural practice. If this lion has cubs, they will be killed by the incoming male taking over his territory. Who awarded the permit to shoot a lion?”

@willis_jen: “Barbaric. Primitive. Bloody move on four centuries … please!”

@PeterDermauw: “What a sin! A king killing Africa’s heritage the king of the jungle!”

@dave_ramatlo: “Culture doesn’t evolve, unfortunately, an animal has to die when a ritual is performed.

@Cinnamon_Guy_: “Lions are under threat of being extinct. I will never support the hunting of lions, elephants, rhinos, and leopards”

@GivenchyMalela: “Animal brutality”



Meanwhile, fans of the Zulu king have taken to Twitter to praise him ahead of his official ceremony —  even calling him by his nickname, “Bayede Dawg”.

According to Mzansi Taal, the king was given the name as he is “more youthful and identifies with the younger generation more than previous kings”.

And many defended him from the criticism of hunting a wild lion, posing memes of the celebratory occasion.

Here’s what they had to say: