Thembalitsha Foundation baby blankets fundraiser

The Thembalitsha Foundation is raising funds for baby blankets made by its sewing initiative. Image: Supplied

Thembalitsha Foundation: Help fund baby blankets for mothers in need

The Thembalitsha Foundation’s Mother’s Day initiative is raising funds so new mothers will receive baby blankets before winter hits.

Thembalitsha Foundation baby blankets fundraiser

The Thembalitsha Foundation is raising funds for baby blankets made by its sewing initiative. Image: Supplied

South African charity the Thembalitsha Foundation has a plan to ensure these much-needed baby blankets reach 100 new mothers.

The public, in South Africa and the United Kingdom, can support a Mother’s Day initiative linked to the foundation’s skills training project.

Baby blankets made by Themba Training

But first, meet Rufaro and Nonqkubel, two women participating in the foundation’s Themba Training initiative. Rufaro and Nonqkubela were both unemployed before, but completed sewing courses at Themba Training. Now they make baby blankets as part of their income-generating activity. 

Themba Training’s basic and intermediate sewing courses provide an opportunity to learn skills that can lead to an income. Those who do the sewing courses are also encouraged to enrol in Themba Training’s business training.

This helps participants integrate their sewing skills with business knowledge to successfully start their own micro-business. The foundation assists individuals in both the Eastern and Western Cape.

New mothers need all the help they can get

Thembalitsha Foundation sewing project
The Thembalitsha Foundation’s Themba Training arm teaches women sewing and other skills that can help them generate an income. Image: Supplied

Now meet Thandiwe, a new mother who just had a baby in a South African hospital. Like many other women in South Africa and globally, being a first-time mum can be overwhelming and challenging. 

Remember those baby blankets Themba Training is creating? A blanket, hand made by Rufaro and Nonqkubela, will be given to Thandiwe and her baby when they leave hospital.

The baby blankets not only provide warmth and comfort, but a message of hope and love to the new mum and baby. The blankets also come with the support of Mama Themba volunteers and peer counsellors, who are there to offer encouragement and basic resources to the new mums.

Mother’s Day campaign to help new mothers

As the coronavirus pandemic began to sweep the globe in 2020, women around the world learnt they had one common quality: Strength.

This Mother’s Day — to be celebrated in the UK on 14 March and in South Africa on 9 May — the Thembalitsha Foundation is celebrating the strength of women. 

Buy a card to celebrate women of strength

For £5 (about R107), you can buy a Mother’s Day card or a “Celebrating Strength” card to send to a loved woman in your life. The idea behind the “Celebrating Strength” card is so you can celebrate all women in your life, regardless of their role. You can donate £5 for one card or £20 (about R428) for five cards, and you can buy the cards here.

Buying one card will employ a South African woman to make a blanket to be sent home with a new mum and baby. The goal is to have enough blankets made for 100 new mothers and their babies, which will require raising £500 (about R10,670).

Find out more about the Thembalitsha Foundation here.