Anti-gay pastor reportedly als

Anti-gay pastor reportedly also being booted from Botswana

Steven Anderson is not having a great couple of weeks, after being banned from entering the UK and South Africa and now reportedly being deported by our neighbour, Botswana.

Anti-gay pastor reportedly als

Anti-human rights pastor Steven Anderson must be fuming by now, after being blocked from entering the United Kingdom, South Africa and now finding himself being held in custody pending his deportation from Botswana.

Anderson — who went on a tirade after being barred from Mzansi, calling SA the rape capital of the world and insisting that we’ve been captured by the devil for calling him on his bigotry — first made headlines when he praised the Orlando Shooter for killing 49 people at a gay bar in one of the bloodiest shootings in US history.

After being banned from SA, Anderson posted to his personal Youtube page that he would still be visiting other African countries, including Botswana… but the country’s Mmegi newspaper reports that this too, wasn’t meant to be.