Hearing impaired

Hearing impaired, Anderton Naidoo obtains his MBA with distinction.
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Breaking grad: Hearing-impaired man scores masters degree with distinction

Anderton Naidoo, a hearing-impaired man, worked as a cleaner for three years before achieving his MBA with distinction at MANCOSA.

Hearing impaired

Hearing impaired, Anderton Naidoo obtains his MBA with distinction.
Picture: Supplied

Achieving career success was an uphill battle for a hearing-impaired Durban man who worked as a cleaner before his work life took a positive turn. Anderton Naidoo has a 25% hearing ability, however, he managed to achieve his MBA with distinction recently through the Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA).


The 44-year-old now works as a training officer for an FMCG company in Durban but prior to this, he had a temporary job as a teller at the South African Post Office.

Naidoo lost a fair amount of his hearing after an ear infection at age four. He worked as a cleaner for three years before securing his current job, where he trains people without impairments.

After landing his permanent job, Naidoo encountered further stumbling blocks trying to get financial aid to pursue an MBA degree from various businesses. Eventually, his company sponsored his studies through SETA. His childhood was also riddled with bullying incidents due to his impairment which prompted him to learn lip-reading.


Naidoo was thankful to his academic supervisor for guiding him into completing his MBA. He praised the institution for its efforts to accommodate him during the course of his studies.

Professor Magnate Ntombela, Principal at MANCOSA, said the institution was “extremely proud” to have played a part in making a meaningful contribution and difference in the life of a student with a hearing impairment.

“When someone, like Naidoo, has an ambition and gets the appropriate or required support at the right time, he or she will achieve his ambitions. There is no obstacle that can possibly impede such a person.”

Magnate Ntombela

Naidoo who never lets his disability inhibit him in pursuing his goals conveyed a message to other people with disabilities.  

“Love yourself, believe in yourself, and people will believe in you. Impress yourself first, then people will be impressed by you,” he said.

A positive mindset, coupled with a supportive wife and his belief in God, were drivers of Naidoo’s success. Having travelled a rough road to triumph, due to his impairment, Naidoo is also a life coach. He now helps disabled people seek employment and learnerships. He also enjoys running in his spare time and has completed three Comrades marathons.

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