Armchair travel: Amazing place

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Armchair travel: Amazing places await thanks to live-streaming

Needing an escape from your current reality? Live-streaming is on hand to help cure any lockdown blues.

Armchair travel: Amazing place

Photo: Adobe Stock

We’ve passed the one-week lockdown mark and with the help of plenty a meme — and some weird and wonderful ways — we’re becoming resourceful in finding ways to keep busy at home.

If you’re running low on inspiration, here are some ideas for how to virtually escape your confines and explore the world from your couch.

Stream a safari for your daily fix of wildlife 

Twintswalo has just launched free virtual safaris that are available via their social media channels. Lockdown may affect us all, but in the bush, Mother Nature still reigns supreme.

Tintswalo’s conservation patrols have presented the unique opportunity of bringing virtual safaris to viewers at home. Forget Netflix and your favourite series and instead escape to the bush, enjoying the freedom of the African bush and inspiring some serious South African wanderlust at the same time.

Tintswalo’s On the Beat virtual safaris include video footage of actual sightings, as well as some of the exhilarating encounters experienced by its game rangers on patrol. Videos are uploaded daily on all of Tintswalo’s social media channels.

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Cook along with an online pro

Is there anything better than having a home-cooked meal from an Italian grandma? While Italy may be on serious lockdown too, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your fix of some incredible Italian cooking.

An 84-year-old Italian “Nonna” has set up a virtual cooking class on Airbnb Experiences. Here, you can learn how to make the ultimate crowd-pleasers, such as ravioli and gnocchi, in just two hours and without leaving your own kitchen.

The good news is that this is the first of many and plenty of companies and individuals have already seen the innovation opportunities and adapted during this time, meaning online classes are plentiful and pose a great way to keep busy and learning during this time.

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Take a ride with Disney 

The magic isn’t over just because all the Disney World theme parks around the world are closed until further notice. This is the first time in history that all six of The Walt Disney Company parks are closed at the same time, but it’s not all bad news, as you can still stream virtual Disney rides from parks around the world — from Florida to France. Sold? Us too.

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Discover a museum

Google Arts & Culture puts the treasures, stories, and knowledge of more than 2 000 cultural institutions from around the world at your very fingertips. From the Paris Opera, to NASA’s archives and The Guggenheim in New York, this is your own virtual doorway to the cultural wonders of our world.

Iconic museums and historic sites await, and the best part is that access is mahala.

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Visit a botanical garden

Undoubtedly the greenest stream and an instant stress reliever. If you can’t go out and explore outdoor spaces, why not take a virtual tour of a botanical garden somewhere new in the world?

If you need a little digital escape from reality, for example soak in the fauna and flora of a garden in Seattle as Volunteer Park Conservatory takes you on a virtual tour through its lush landscape.

This is a sense of calm we could all do with during these uncertain times.

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Paint by numbers (well, sort of)

Always wanted to learn how to paint, but never had the time or cash to start a class? Now’s the time. Good ol’ YouTube has you covered for many an online painting tutorial, from watercolours, to sketching – there’s a channel out there ready to help you get started.

In the time of isolation, we suggest you create your very own “paint party”. Find a suitable image you’d like to recreate, grab a canvas or piece of paper, some paints and most importantly, top up your glass of wine so that inspiration flows freely. The time is now!

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