Adult colouring: The new thera

Adult colouring in is a great therapy. Image supplied

Adult colouring: The new therapy taking the world by storm

When the weight of this year is getting you down, grab a pack of pencil crayons and start colouring in.

Adult colouring: The new thera

Adult colouring in is a great therapy. Image supplied

We all know kids love to colour in pictures in and it is something that keeps them busy and entertained for long periods.

More recently, there has been a trend for adult colouring books, and many have bought and used them. What is the fascination, and are there any benefits when it comes to colouring for adults?

Adult colouring styles

There are many categories to choose from:

  • Geometric and mandala designs
  • Floral designs
  • Animal and nature designs
  • Zen doodle designs, where you have a mixture of shapes and designs
  • Inspirational words, sayings, or quote designs

Whatever colouring design you choose, all have the same benefits. When you colour in, it is a repetitive task, which can bring calm to a stormy mind. Colouring in is also a creative outlet, even for those who think they do not have artistic skills.

Benefits of colouring for adults

Reduces stress

This is one of the obvious benefits, as colouring distracts your mind and helps you focus on the here and now. When you colour a design, you will be performing a lot of repetition and will need to focus on what you are doing.

The activity is easy to do and creates a space for quietening the mind. In fact, it has been said to bring on a state similar as meditation.

Improves creativity and motor skills

When colouring, you need to be able to stay within the lines of the picture, which is great for improving motor skills. You also need to choose colours, which then combines the logical and creative part of the brain.

Colouring can help you to fall asleep

Today, many of us spend a lot of time in front of the computer or on our phones. Sometimes we are on these devices just before bedtime, which is not a good thing.

Why not try an alternative and find a picture you would like to colour instead? This will help you to relax and prepare for bed.

Can be used as a type of art therapy

Some studies have shown that art therapy can help with coping with certain health issues. For example, it has been shown to help those who suffer from epilepsy.

When you colour, it relaxes you and requires concentration, which may help to reduce an epilepsy attack.

Everybody can do it

Everybody from kids to the elderly can colour — there are no rules and it is fun and easy to do.

You can even colour outside the lines if you want — there is no wrong way to do this. To colour is a great way to escape your worries, or simply do something creative to pass the time.

You can even make it a family affair — get together, colour and share your work.

There are many books you can purchase at the bookstore as well as online. But there are just as many free adult printable colouring pages.

Online sites for colouring for adults

Most of these sites provide you with collections so you can choose floral, animal, nature or mandala designs and much more.

Best of all, you can take your colouring book or page wherever you go. There are even colour apps you can download and use. So, pick something you like and find out the magic of colouring for yourself.