Abeco tanks

Abeco Tanks save the day in a variety of ways: Image: Supplied

Abeco Tanks save the day in a variety of ways

Without sufficient clean healthy water we cannot drink or wash, feed crops and livestock and provide adequate sanitation

Abeco tanks

Abeco Tanks save the day in a variety of ways: Image: Supplied

Climate change is affecting countries all over the world. Weather patterns are changing and drought is becoming a more frequent event especially in Africa. Today water is the most important and valuable currency.

Without sufficient clean healthy water we cannot drink or wash, feed crops and livestock and provide adequate sanitation. Businesses, hospitals, schools, mines and industry cannot operate efficiently without a consistent water supply.

Planning ahead for an interruption in water supply has become vitally important

For many years many businesses and communities have done so because of Abeco Tanks who has been supplying their water storage solutions to 35 countries worldwide for 40 years. Their global footprint includes Africa, Central America, the Middle East, Seychelles and Mauritius.

Their water storage solutions help to build businesses and keep them running when the water runs out. They save jobs and support communities. Woman and children who normally walk long distances to find water no longer need to because they have direct and easy access. This means that children are no longer kept out of school and women out of work.

All of this contributes to the economic growth of countries. Abeco Tanks is proud to consider their water storage tanks as the first bank for the water business. We all save money into a savings account for times of crisis. In the same way water should be saved into a savings solution for times of crisis.

There are two other ways that water can be saved in an Abeco tank.

Rainwater and greywater can be harvested and used to water gardens and crops, flush toilets and to put out fires.

Many businesses use the Abeco Tanks as fire tanks. One of Abeco’s certifications is with ASIB (The Automatic Sprinker System Bureau) and their tanks are trusted by large South African Corporates for on-site fire water storage.

The Abeco Tanks are versatile in that they can hold dry products as well. They are used to store gravel, animal feed and industrial materials. They offer a storage solution for most requirements.

The Abeco Tanks are manufactured from high quality steel. The steel panels that make up the tanks undergo stress tests. A section of the 269 000 square metre factory in Johannesburg is dedicated to the evaluation of the steel used for each tank. The tanks come in three different thicknesses and Abeco tanks will ensure that the thickness of the panels is correct to ensure they can withstand the pressure of what is being stored inside.

All of the steel components are hot-dipped galvanized. This prevents corrosion of the tank over time. The water inside is kept clean, hygienic and drinkable because the zinc coating prevents any light from penetrating the tank which would cause algae growth in the water. 

The tanks are constructed from steel panels bolted together onsite. Their construction does not require heavy or complicated machinery. This modular design means they can be easily transported to remote locations and allows for different size tanks and standard shaped or custom shaped tanks.

It is important to consult with Abeco Tanks when considering a water tank. The size of the tanks must be sufficient for the need for example if you are supplying water to a community of 500 people who require 100 litres of water a day and if the tank will only be refilled weekly then the tank needs to hold 350 000 litres of water at a time.

This may sound like a large tank but the Abeco Tanks can hold up to 50 million litres of water at a time.

The space the tank needs to fit into also needs to be looked at. The Abeco tanks can be built to fit into any space and around any obstruction. They can be rectangular, circular, square, L-shaped, U-shaped or odd shaped.

An added bonus is that Abeco tanks can now also powder coat their tanks. As the company is always looking to improve their operations, in 2017 they began researching the powder coating process. 6 years later in 2020 they invested several millions into adding a section to their 269 000 square metre factory dedicated to the powder coating process.

Powder coating is not only aesthetically pleasing it is also impact resistant and durable making sure the tanks have a long life-span and are therefore cost effective.

Abeco Tanks is interested in building long term relationships with their clients. Their tanks last for up to 40 years as does their customer service. As a company they are there for the long haul making their water tanks an excellent long-term investment.

Companies that plan ahead and install water tanks will enjoy the peace of mind and the competitive advantage they bring when the water stops flowing.

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