A video of an eight year old boy driving a SUV in Vereeniging has gone viral.
Images via Twitter

‘Gangster’: SA reacts to 8-year-old driving a car viral video [watch]

Reckless parenting or harmless fun? South Africans have mixed feelings over a viral video of a young boy driving a car in Vereeniging.


A video of an eight year old boy driving a SUV in Vereeniging has gone viral.
Images via Twitter

A viral video of an eight-year-old boy driving an SUV in Roshnee, Vereeniging, has elicited both amusement and serious concern from South Africans. But to make matters worse, in another viral post, the same boy has been seen posing with a real gun alongside his father.

The minor – who could barely see above the steering wheel – had social media users gasping in a clip that saw him speed off in the car.


The viral video was posted on anti-crime advocate Yusuf Abramjee’s Twitter account.

In the clip, the boy is pulled over by residents of the Vereeniging suburb who questioned him. According to the eight-year-old, his father had given him the keys to the car.

One elderly resident is heard saying: “This is ridiculous! He can hardly see over the steering wheel”.

But the boy drove quickly drove off before he could be stopped.

According to News24, Gauteng traffic police are “investigating” the incident.

To make matters more complicated, Yusuf shared a picture of the boy – this time with his dad – holding what appeared to be a real gun.

He tweeted: “Authorities need to charge and arrest the father without delay. And these photos have also gone viral. @SAPoliceService needs to investigate if it’s a real firearm.”

See the tweet here.


On Twitter, South Africans had mixed feelings about the viral clip.

While some claimed that “boys will be boys,” others admonished the young boy’s parents for their recklessness.

@Sabelo_Mahaye: “My son is nine, and he also started driving when he was around 7/8. He’s a pretty good driver, though, but it’s still a NO from me.”

@mbalis_bakery: “I am proud of this little one. I wish I was able to drive at that age too. At the same time, I believe there should be an adult with him in the car.”

@Mrovablaz: “Irresponsible of them to let him continue driving. This is poor parenting from the father. This is no different from handing your child a fully loaded gun to play with. In the wrong hands, a car is a dangerous weapon.”

@XhosaFact: “The owner should be charged with defeating the end of justice, child abuse, and reckless driving (guilt by common cause).”

@MADPRO_1632: “Arrest the father immediately.”

@dretastic06: “Little man is a gangster wearing Paw Patrol”