7 reasons why all South Africa

7 reasons why all South Africans have to love their Toyota Corolla

It’s 50 years since the first edition of this iconic vehicle rolled off the production line in Japan. With a shiny new version out for 2017, you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer.

7 reasons why all South Africa


As 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the people’s car, we take a trip through what makes the Toyota Corolla stand out from the pack on the roads of South Africa.

Good to go with the eco

Your new Corolla reaches up to 40 miles per gallon of fuel, as well as up to 30mpg during city driving. With its 13.2 gallon tank, that’ll comfortably see you get from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, or from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein… and back again!

So you can put Table Mountain in the rear-view mirror and relax in the knowledge that you’re giving the planet a helping hand. And it’s just the car for a road trip or three.

Safety first, second and third

Eight airbags are there to protect you and your passengers, as well as whiplash-reducing seats should your car get a bash from the back. In the background, a whole host of integrated safety features keep you safe without you even realising on the road, preventing accidents from happening in the first place.

As for your kids in the back? Well you’ll have LATCH to look after them, with lower anchoring and tethering on the seat belts. We can’t guarantee that’ll stop the little ones needing the toilet ten minutes after setting off, though. No technology is that advanced.

Always innovating

The Corolla didn’t get to where it is in 2017 by accident, you know. The journey began in Japan in 1966, led by the development team of Tatsuo Hasegawa.

Since then, they’ve been sanding off the corners, working under the hood and going all out to prove a family car can still be sleek, fun to drive and affordable.

Toyota has always been innovating.

It’s in the family

While we’re talking lineage, the Corolla has carried it’s distinguished DNA through the generations, just like our own families. It’s now 11 and counting in Japan, South Africa and across the globe, to be precise.

Each generation has been smoother, more intelligent and refined than the last (no jokes about your older relatives please) with the family recipe for making a great car passed on every single time.

Fun, fun, fun (on the autobahn)

Great family car: tick. Safety is paramount: check. Brilliantly economical: that too. But you have to be able to let your hair down too, right?

Those clever folks in the factory have thought of that. The 50th anniversary model sports a cheeky rear spoiler as well as unique 17-inch alloy wheels to make their mark as you cruise through town.

As for the front, well, people will see you coming with a sporty front end that screams attitude.

The goods in the back

Go on, pack a picnic! Photo by: Haphazard Traveler

Sports gear, picnic basket, change of clothes for the kids… it all adds up. Happily, it’ll all nestle in nicely to the 13 cubic feet of space in the boot.

Off on an adventure? That capacity is equivalent to as many as nine suitcases, so you can even take that uncle you haven’t seen in a while. No?

To the future… and beyond!

The 2017 Corolla is packed with all the technology you could ever need, for safety and comfort. A rear-view camera comes as standard.

But wait, there’s more. Take the stress out of your drive with Toyota’s suite of advanced safety features. An anti-lock braking system, brake assist system, electronic brake-force distribution, vehicle stability control and hill-start assist control all come as standard to give you all the reassurance you might need.

We’ll even let you pretend you’re piloting the Starship Enterprise while the family doze off on a late night journey cross-country.

Put the whole package together and it’s easy to love the Toyota Corolla as it continues its journey as the People’s Car.

Facts and figures taken from Toyota’s website: http://www.toyota.co.za. Values may vary depending on exact model.