28 of the best memes of 2017…

28 of the best memes of 2017… so far


28 of the best memes of 2017…

Well, we’re halfway through 2017 folks. We’ve had our ups and downs, but luckily, we have memes to get us through the tough times and make us crack up during the best of times.

You know the Salt Bae and Tiny Trump craze that took over the internet, but have you been keeping up with the rest? Check them out here before the second part of 2017 completely kicks in…

Take a look at the memes the world has produced over the last six months here:

    1. 1.This guy has been everywhere…Yes, it’s Salt Bae. Thanks to one Instagram upload, Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe became an overnight hit when he performed his ‘finished salt pose’.


2. The whole Italian thing:

3. The Hollywood sign has changed quite a lot:

4. This girl who got famous for something as ridiculous as this:

5. Roll Safe likes to give advice:

6. Screaming Meryl Streep:

7. The mocking SpongeBob…


8. We’ve seen a lot of Donald Trump in memes:

9. The whole ‘eyes’ and ‘drugs’ thing:


10. Winona Ryder’s face during the SAG Awards:

11. Michelle Obama at Trump’s inauguration:

12. The emotional bae:

13. Everything will have stories:

14. Charlie Day explaining stuff:

Related image

15. Beyonce ordering food:

16. Evil Kermit:

17. We’ve seen some memes featuring people from 3017:


18. The floor is lava:

Image result for the floor is lava meme

19. Ryan Gosling at this year’s Oscars made for some awesome memes:

20. Bow Wow snapped a private jet and added the caption: “Travel day,” promising a cool pic, but, at the end of the day he was actually on a normal plane. This ultimately inspired people to pretend they have glamorous lives…

21. Tiny Trump:

22. Spotify playlists became a thing when people started to put together sentences from titles:

23. The eye…

24. Crack open a cold one boys…

25. The blinking guy:

26. RompHim:

27. I had to grind for this view:


28. And, of course the ‘expanding brain’ meme: