22 Pictures that prove parents

22 Pictures that prove parents are catching on

Gone are the days of socially awkward parents… well, maybe.

22 Pictures that prove parents
  1. These days, parents know how to use a meme:
They're using memes:

2. They’re using their own slang:

They're creating their own slang:

3. They’re asking some tough questions:

They're going even harder in the paint with puns:
Twitter: @AllMoldEvrythng

4. They do this:

They're becoming artists:

5. They occasionally freak out over things like this:

And they're dropping mints:
Twitter: @tluchiano

6. They ask random AF questions:

They're asking the tough questions:

7. They know they’re worth it:

They're aware of their own worth:

8. They know how to encourage you:

They're solving all the world's problems:
countryasswhoopin tumblr.com

9. They point out the obvious:

They're becoming amateur scientists:

10. They are survivors:

They're... SURVIVING:
Twitter: @sarahhshoee

11. They like to be cute and ahead of schedule:

They're way ahead of schedule:
only1600kids tumblr.com

12. They are the masters of texting:

They're mastering text signatures:

13. They tell their kids about all the amazing things they see:

They're seeing things we can only dream of:

14. They are funny:

They're learning new languages:

15. They’re figuring out how to ignore people:

They're figuring out the best way to ignore people:
Twitter: @lovestream_app

16. They won’t stop:

They're soup:
pineplapple tumblr.com

17. They’re watching all of the latest movies:

They're watching all the latest movies:

18. They’re trying to figure out emojis:

They're finally learning about emojis:
Twitter: @oh_chelseaa

19. They’re into the latest fashion trends:

They're following the latest fashion trends:
Twitter: @yagirlbrianna_

20. They’re rebelling:

They're rebelling:

21. They’ve got that caps lock thing sorted:

They're figuring out how to use phones:

22. They have their own set of acronyms:

They're inventing new acronyms: