20 Hilarious yearbook quotes w

20 Hilarious yearbook quotes we wish we’d thought of first [photos]

Nothing’s more cringe-worthy than a high school yearbook. These kids owned it though.

20 Hilarious yearbook quotes w

Looking back at those formative years in high school, it’s hard not to cringe… amirite!?

When it comes down to writing your yearbook quote, most people settle for inspirational or motivational quotes. Not these guys, though.


Thank you, internet.

  1. She’s got skills.

I Got A Haircut And No One Noticed

2. Being an adult isn’t much better…

High School Was Easy. It Was Like Riding A Bike. Except The Bike Was On Fire & The Ground Was On Fire & Everything Was On Fire Because It Was Hell

3. Just to clear the confusion:

We Are Not Related

4. Just smile and wave boys:

The Happier We Get, The Less We See #Asian #Life

5. His name is quite Harry Potterish though:

I Got Kicked Out Of Hogwarts For Using Black Magic

6. Staying positive:

I Went Through Four Years Of High School Without Having Bad Hair Day

7. Here’s looking at you, kid:

I Hear Everything

8. Sibling rivalry:

I'm Only 3 1/2 Minutes Younger... Best 3 1/2 Minutes Of My Life

9. Now we know!

I'm That Nigerian Prince That Keeps Emailing You

10. You said it:

It's Hard Being A Single Mother, Especially When You Have No Children And Are A Teenage Male

11. More Harry Potter references:

I Hate Having To Explain To Everyone Why I Wear A Hijab But If Everyone Must Know: Voldemort Has Possessed Me And His Face Is Living On The Back Of My Head

12. Turning the negative into a positive!

Just Because You're A Trash Doesn't Mean You Can't Do Great Things. It's Called Garbage Can, Not Garbage Cannot

13. This kid is going places…

'Don't Use That Stupid Lumberjack Photo' -Mom

14. And on his farm he had a duck, ee ey ee ey oh!

No, I Did Not Have A Farm

15. He’s a true poet:

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I'm Black

16. Blame the parents, bro.

I Hate My Name

17. Get ready for endless bills and loans though…

Master Has Given Megan A High School Diploma, Megan Is Freeeee!

18. Noted.

The 'S' Is Silent

19. Explain this to your kids one day…

Waking Up Is The Second Hardest Thing In The Morning

20. I look better in person, I promise.

I Look Better In Person

Do you remember what you jotted down in your yearbook ?