17, 90’s gadgets that beat ‘Fi

17, 90’s gadgets that beat ‘Fidget Spinners’ hands down [photos]

Did anybody say finger skateboard?!

17, 90’s gadgets that beat ‘Fi


Fidget spinners… cringe, right? Yeah, we know, so here are a few flashback items that, to this day, beat the spinner anytime.

Let’s throw it back to the 90’s and 2000’s and look at things that could be regarded as a ‘fidget spinner‘ in that time:

  1. 90’s kids had the finger skateboard thing down, doing flips and all that.

2. These digital ‘pets’ were all the rage:

3. At some point, you started to master the art of the ‘Scoobie String’:

4. 90’s Kids collected Pogs or Slammers from chips packets:

5. Gummy bands were the only fashion accessory you ever needed:

6. Slap bands were also a thing.


7. Toys or spoons found in Cereal boxes were the bomb:

8. Pokemon was literally everything:

9. You know it:

10. Those water ring toss toys which looks harder than it seems:


11. Who can forget the ultimate 90’s paper fortune teller?

12. These pens were the best thing since Will Smith.

Image result for retractable pen 90's

13. The only ‘fidget spinner’ 90’s kids knew: swirling a plain old pen.

@_krystapper / Via instagram.com

14. Or, well this original, ‘Fidget Spinner’:

The fidget spinner of the 90's

15. Trolls…Trolls everywhere:

16. Stretchy Chokers:


17. These ‘Slip ‘n Slide’ things kept a lot of 90’s kids from fidgeting:

@leavealegacy6 / Via instagram.com

If you grew up in the 90’s or 2000’s, do you remember any of these things?!