11 times South African politic

11 times South African politicians made us wish 2016 was just a bad dream

This hasn’t exactly been a year of profound political moves from our government, and some opposition politicians haven’t done any better either.

11 times South African politic

The South African government has had a pretty rough ride since Jacob Zuma and his loyalists started entrenching crony politics and replacing a thriving state with one of nepotism, corruption and capture.

While his coup in 2008 did usher in a time of economic, civil and political decay, never before has el presidente and his faction within the ruling party behaved as brazenly as in 2016. But it wasn’t just the ANC that gave us some pretty big WTF moments this year, the EFF had its fair share of foot-in-mouth moments too.

So, check out our list of moments we’d rather forget.

There you have it. Let’s hope 2017 makes for a calmer, more stable year in SA’s political landscape.