11 Of the most expensive Airbn

11 Of the most expensive Airbnb rentals in Cape Town

Must be nice.

11 Of the most expensive Airbn

We know that Airbnb is booming across the world and, indeed, in the Mother City. We recently showed you a map that reveals just how many airbnb rentals are dotted around Cape Town.

For many tourists, airbnb is a more affordable option that guesthouses or hotels, but what about the really posh places?

If you’ve ever wondered how the other half lives, we’ve sniffed it out for you. Below is a list (with pictures and a link a to the airbnb advert) of some of the most expensive rentals in Cape Town.

We’ve only looked at entire properties and the list is in no particular order. It’s also not entirely comprehensive – there are loads of these posh spots dotted all round. We assume that at least some of them are actually occupied by the owners and rented out on request while the owners stay with family and friends.

Let’s take a look at some of the posh spots…

1. Bantry Place luxury private residence

Three bedrooms, six guests, R14 610 per night.

Described as a “luxury private residence that distinguishes itself with an open structure that recedes into the Oceanside with absolutely astonishing and uninterrupted views over the Atlantic Ocean.”

2.  Villa Oceano

Six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and enough space for 15 guests at R39 396 per night.

As you can see from the picture above, this place is absolutely stunning. And if you fill up with the full quota of guests – it’s just over R2600 per night. It offers panoramic views of the 12 Apostles and super king-sized beds.

3. Presidential Penthouse

Look, it’s no Nkandla, but at R35 0003 per night, it’ll do. The 250 sq.m penthouse has 360-degree ocean and mountain views, but if we are reading the advert right, it only has spaces for two people. Sjoe, must be nice.

4. Cape Town V&A Waterfront Marina Penthouse

Ever driven past those fancy apartments and wondered what they look like inside? Well, here’s a glimpse. This penthouse has enough space for six guests at R14 994 a night for the whole spot.

5. Signal Hill Views

Many of the rentals in the Mother City are all about the views and this one is no different. Three bedrooms offer space for six guests at just over R35 000 a night. “Spectacular views and offering an executive lifestyle for the discerning family”, reads the advert.

6. Dreamy Beach House in Bantry Bay

This place screams luxury and at R33 997 per night for six guests in three bedrooms, you’d expect it to. This gorgeous spot, right on the beach is what summer holiday dreams are made of.

7. Camps Bay Oceana-Residence

Guys, look at that pool. This place is huge – there are 18 bedrooms that can acoomodate 16 guests and it’s just 80m from the see. At just R19 996 per night – it’s not a bad price if you can get a group of people together for a little shindig, no?

8. Villa Du Cap

Ah man, just imagine chilling on this deck on a lazy, sunny afternoon (when the South Easter isn’t pumping) and taking it all in. You and eight of your mates can do just that, if you’ve got R19 996 between you per night.

9. Houghton View

Compared to some of the places on this list, what you get from Houghton View is a pretty much a bargain. There’s enough space for ten guests in this five-bedroom villa and all you have to do is scrape together R14 504 between you per night!

10. Lion’s View

Ja, look. If we managed to get a group of ten friends and R13 895 per night together, this wouldn’t be the worst place to spend it.

11. Constantia House

Moving a bit out of the city now, but not away from the views. Constantia House will set you back R14 994 per night, but there’s enough space for ten people.

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