Alex Elle affirm affirmations

Image via Instagram/@todayiaffirm

Monday magic: 10 affirmations to start your week on a positive note

Start your week with positive affirmations from Alex Elle to radiate good vibes and chase away any thoughts of a blue Monday.

Alex Elle affirm affirmations

Image via Instagram/@todayiaffirm

American poet Alex Elle has a great way to start the week: She uses the power of positive affirmations to brush away negativity and build up her emotional reserves.

Affirmations are positive statements to improve your mental health. The idea is that they guide you to conquer self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. No place is scarier than our own mind and affirmations may help you take better control of that.

The idea behind the concept of an affirmation is that the more you repeat them, the more you believe in them. This belief should then lead to positive changes.

The three Ps

There are three Ps to affirmations: Present, personal and positive. You want your affirmations to happen now, you want them to be specific to you and you want them always to be positive.

Elle has written four books and she often posts affirmations to live by. She fills her print and Instagram pages with self-care and self-love poetry.

Her signature series “Today I affirm” is soft and powerful. It might be just what you need for reflection before Monday missions.

10 Alex Elle affirmations

  1. Today I affirm: Learning to love myself is a daily practice. I will show up. I will do the work. I am worth it.
  2. Today I affirm: I have the courage to retract and the patience to work for it while I wait for it.
  3. Today I affirm: Outside projections and judgment will not be allowed to speak for my truth.
  4. Today I affirm: Life is as good as I make it. I am moving forward in faith and chasing joy.
  5. Today I affirm: My failures will not stop me from enjoying the journey.
  6. Today I affirm: To find deeper ways to love myself.
  7. Today I affirm: I am healing through it. I know my value and this is my ability to be courageous as I move forward.
  8. Today I affirm: Grief does not have permission to overtake what I am growing in my garden.
  9. Today I affirm: I will not let anyone break me or destroy what I have built.
  10. Today I affirm: Healing comes in waves and I am allowed to feel every rise and fall of my tide.

Today I affirm’

Alex Elle’s Today I Affirm poetic series was so insightful that the author decided to create a Today I Affirm journal.

This helps readers walk through cultivating positive self-talk, introspection and understanding towards an overall focus on self-care.