pit bull, neighbour

A six-year-old girl was mauled by a pit bull in Pretoria on Monday. Photo: Pexels

Pretoria girl MAULED to death by neighbour’s pit bull

The little girl was playing with her friends a few meters from her house when a neighbour’s pit bull charged at them.

pit bull, neighbour

A six-year-old girl was mauled by a pit bull in Pretoria on Monday. Photo: Pexels

Two pit bulls have been removed from its owner after one of them mauled to death a six-year-old girl from Atteridgeville in Pretoria.

The incident which took place at the Marabastad informal settlement on Monday has left the community traumatised.


According to a Tshwane SPCA inspector, Mpho Lebethe he was called about the incident by the National SPCA.

“I attend to the scene where a child was killed by a pit bull. Two pit bulls were surrendered by the owner and have been taken to the Tshwane SPCA.”

said Lebethe.

The six-year-old girl, Charmaine Munepya was playing a few metres from her home in a neighbour’s yard when the attack took place.

According to what the neighbours told TimesLive, the pit bull gained access through the fence into the yard where the children were playing.

It is then that the dog allegedly charged toward the four children, one ran home and the other three including Munepya ran inside the bedroom.

The neighbour who spoke to the publication said she thinks Munepya was behind the others and the dog grabbed and dragged her from the bedroom to the kitchen. 

Speaking to TimesLive Munepya’s father, Cedrick Mahodi said the family was not coping with the little girl’s death. 

He said he was at work when he was told about the incident. 

This incident has left the community and the children who were with Munepya traumatised. 

Concerns about the dog were raised by the community as this was apparently not the first time it attacked someone.


Save a bull, a pit bull and bully breed community, shared the following tips for being a responsible owner. 

  • Never allow your Pit bull to roam free. Your dog should always be leashed when outside of your home or yard for their protection. 
  • Never take your Pit bull to a dog park. Even if you think your dog is wonderful with other dogs, all it takes is one incident. 
  • Take your Pit bull to obedience classes. This is an important one because it is a lot harder to look down upon your dog when he is well-trained and behaved. 
  • Socialize your Pit bull as much as possible before and after they reach maturity. 
  • Be a responsible parent! Do not allow your Pit bull to be subjected to people who are belligerent or cruel, as your dog has a keen sense of knowing who likes them vs. who does not care for them so much. 
  • Know where your dog is at all times. Do not leave your dog outside unattended; inside the house or enclosed within a large dog run is the only place your dog should be when you are not home. 
  • Working Pit Bull needs a job. Not all bullies are made for police work or able to be trained as service animals, so think small. 
  • Daily exercise is a must. Playing fetch, hiking, bike rides or whatever you love to do, your dog will be more than willing to participate.
  • Spay and neuter your dog. Altered pets live longer and generally healthier lives. 
  • Understand that your Pit Bull may be dog-aggressive. Take precautions and use common sense – do not allow your dog to run up to unknown dogs, and never allow unknown dogs to run up to yours. 
  • Never trust a Pit Bull not to fight. Even though your dogs are the best of friends, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 
  • Do not breed or buy. Shelter animals die waiting for homes.

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