Pregnant woman

Suspects wanted for paying Bolt driver with fake notes. Photo: SAPS

Pregnant woman WANTED for paying Bolt driver with fake notes

A Bolt driver has cried foul after he was paid with fake notes for a trip costing R300 by a pregnant woman and her supposed partner.

Pregnant woman

Suspects wanted for paying Bolt driver with fake notes. Photo: SAPS

A Kempton Park pregnant woman and her partner are in hot water after a Bolt driver reported the scam to the police.


In a statement, police spokesperson Sergeant Johanna Nhlongo elaborated on the scam.

“On Monday the 27th February 2023 at about 20H00, it is alleged by an adult male of about 33 years of age who is a Bolt driver that he was on duty at Kempton Park when he received a request at old Pretoria road in Kempton Park.
Upon arrival at beta bets in Kempton Park on Old Pretoria road he was stopped by a male who rushed inside beta bets to bring his pregnant girlfriend,” Sergeant Nhlongo explained.

“The couple entered the vehicle and the man was in front while the girlfriend jumped at the back.”

Sergeant Nhlongo

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She said their trip was from Kempton Park to Boxer Road at Austin view.


“Upon arrival along Boxer road, the woman asked to pee and immediately when he stopped the man told him that they have arrived at their destination. He then paid R300 as the driver was checking change using his cellphone Honor P9 ‘s touch the suspect told the wife who was already outside to go call auntie,” she further explained.


In the midst of this, it is reported that the suspect then tried to grab the complaint’s (Bolt driver) cellphone and while they were pulling each, another male appeared pointing at him with a firearm on the neck.

“Complainant then left the suspect to walk away with his cell phone. As the other suspect was coming to the other side, the complaint decided to drive away,” Sergeant told the dramatic ordeal.

She added that upon arrival at Rabie Ridge SAPS, the Bolt driver noticed that the money he was paid with was fake.

This matter has been registered with the local police and the suspects, including the pregnant woman, have been added to the station’s wanted list.