The SA Weather Service has forecasted a sunny day for Gauteng. Image: Pixabay

Gauteng Weather: Today’s forecast is sunny side up

The SA Weather Service has forecasted yet another sunny day for Gauteng; keep yourself hydrated today!


The SA Weather Service has forecasted a sunny day for Gauteng. Image: Pixabay

The SA Weather Service (SAWS) has released the weather forecast for Gauteng today, 13 March, and it looks like the province is in for a yet another nice and sunny day.

We can’t imagine a better start to the week!


Here is the weather forecast for your area:

Sunny weather is predicted for Gauteng today. Image: @SAWeatherServic Twitter.

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How to prevent heat exhaustion

The heat index, which measures how hot you feel when combining the effects of air temperature and relative humidity, is strongly associated with heat exhaustion.

Relative humidity of 60% or more hinders sweat evaporation, which impedes the body’s ability to cool itself.

When the heat index rises to 32°C or higher, the risk of heat-related illness significantly increases.

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Therefore, during heat waves, it is essential to pay attention to the reported heat index and to keep in mind that the heat index is even higher when standing in full sunshine.

To prevent heat exhaustion during high heat index, stay in air conditioning.

If outdoors, take precautions such as wearing light clothing, sunscreen, and drinking fluids.

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Avoid caffeine or alcohol as they can worsen heat exhaustion.

People with medical conditions should consult a doctor before increasing liquid intake.

During moderate- to high-intensity exercise, drink around 500ml of fluid two to three hours before.