State of Disaster EFF

EFF CIC, Julius Malema
Photo: EFF / Twitter

‘Frivolous and pointless’: EFF on National State of Disaster

The EFF says Ramaphosa is desperate to hold on to the power the pandemic afforded him and doesn’t want to end the State of Disaster.

State of Disaster EFF

EFF CIC, Julius Malema
Photo: EFF / Twitter

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says the latest adjustments to the State of Disaster are meaningless. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation on Tuesday, 22 March and announced the latest adjustments. 


The party said the State of Disaster has long lost its rationality, scientific basis and authority over people. 

“Society in general has long moved on with its affairs and does not observe pronouncements of non-existing power over people who can gather anywhere and at any time.

“Whether Ramaphosa ends the State of Disaster or not has become moot. The only material concern South Africans should have is on the continued closure of stadiums.”  



  • Mask-wearing: Although no-one will be asked to wear a face-covering outdoors, they are still needed in public indoor settings – such as shops, malls, offices, or onboard public transport.
  • Social distancing: In some indoor settings and mass gatherings, physical distancing will remain – but it has been reduced from 1.5 metres to one metre exactly.
  • Funeral measures: Maximum limits of 200 people in attendance, night-vigils/after-tears also banned.
  • Gatherings and stadium/arena limits: The gates are opening, but big venues will only be allowed to operate at 50% capacity. People will have to provide a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination. A maximum of 2 000 people will be allowed to gather at places that have no facilities to check these factors.
  • Vaccination requirements: Venues for mass gatherings and selected indoor spaces will be given the power to only allow vaccinated citizens in. PCR tests for travel will also be dropped for the jabbed – but not for the unjabbed.

Ramaphosa also confirmed that the State of Disaster would end once after public comments process for the amended National Health Act had been received. The deadline is Saturday 16 April 2022.

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