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Dictionary word of the day. Photo: Pexels

Word of the day: Rabble-rouse

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Word of the day

Dictionary word of the day. Photo: Pexels

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Rabble-rouse: verb– to stir up the emotions or prejudices of the public; agitate.

Pronunciation: rabuhl-rouz

is a compound of the noun rabble, “a disorderly crowd,” and the verb rouse, “to stir to anger.” Rabble is of uncertain origin, but it may be related to Middle Dutch rabbelen, “to speak hurriedly.” An earlier sense of rouse was “to shake the feathers” and referred to hawks, and while the origin of rouse is equally uncertain, one hypothesis is a connection to Latin recūsāre, meaning “to demur, object,” which is the source of English recuseRabble-rouse was first recorded in English in the late 1950s.

Example: Though at first its organizers were accused of mere rabble-rousing, the civil rights march evolved into a widely-celebrated parade.








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