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Word of the day: Vicissitudes

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Word of the day

Dictionary word of the day. Photo: Pexels

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Today’s word of the day is: Vicissitudes meaning


Vicissitudes meaning: The word vicissitudes usually refers to events or situations that occur by chance. It can also apply specifically to the difficulties or hardships, usually beyond one’s control, that are commonly encountered in life, career, etc., or simply to the quality or state of being changeable.

Pronunciation: [ vuh-SISS-uh-toodz]

In one entry of his nine-volume biography of Walt Whitman’s later years, Horace L. Traubel quotes the Good Gray Poet remarking on an in-process manuscript: “If we keep pegging away slowly but persistently, the book must, in the end, come out—if I should last, and I guess I will. But we mustn’t crow until we’ve left the last limit of the woods behind us—till we’re clean out into the open. The vicissitudes are many—the certainties few.” Whitman’s reflection sheds some light on vicissitudes (the singular form vicissitude is rare but also extant), a word that can refer simply to the fact of change, or to instances of it, but that often refers specifically to hardships or difficulties brought about by change.

Example: Capricorns are often described as persistent, down-to-earth strivers, unlikely to be thrown off by the vicissitudes of life.






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