Mothusi Magano

‘Generations: The Legacy’ actor Mothusi Magano as Dr Konono. Image via Twitter @Gen_legacy

The villian: Four times Mothusi Magano made our skin crawl

Legendary actor Mothusi Magano has indeed played the villain well, from Modiri, The Dustbin man, Tumishang to Dr Konono.

Mothusi Magano

‘Generations: The Legacy’ actor Mothusi Magano as Dr Konono. Image via Twitter @Gen_legacy

Award-winning actor Mothusi Magano is widely respected for his exceptional performance in portraying creepy, villainous roles.

The actor does such a good job at being creepy that some of his fans have admitted to having a strong desire to punch him in the face when they meet him!

Mothusi Magano the ultimate villian:

We have a look at the four villianous roles Magano is best known for.


He played a corrupt government official called Modiri who promised young women tenders on The River.

  • He would first hold a meeting with these young desperate women, sponsor their businesses and deliver their products as promised.
  • Then he’d demand them to sleep with him just as they got comfortable.
  • If they refused to sleep with him, he’ll take everything away from them and strip them of their dignity in their communities.


Magano had the people of Turfloop and viewers of the show convinced he was a good guy as Tumishang in the beginning. 

  • This changed when Mr Kgomo’s (Lebohang Elephant) daughter Kelebogile (Mmathema Kgomo) disappeared without a trace and Tumishang became a prime suspect.
  • He later confessed to killing the beauty queen to his lawyer Leeto Maputla (Eric Macheru) before getting shot and killed by Meikie Maputla (Harriet Manamela).
  • Creepy Tumishang shocked viewers when detectives found Kelebogile’s remains in Meneer Magongwa’s (Putla Sehlapelo) backyard.


Magano proved he’s pretty much the ultimate badass again when he recently joined Generations: The Legacy to play the role of the evil Dr Konono.

  • He illegally harvests his patient’s organs and sells them on the black market for money.
  • He recently kidnapped Tamryn, drugged her and removed her kidneys when she changed her mind about selling her kidney.


The Dustbin Man was Neo Mokgethi’s (Jerry Mofokeng) son who was half-brother to Lerumo Mokgethi (Tshepo Masese).

  • He was an attention-seeking son who never felt loved or accepted by his father Neo.
  • He tried to destroy his brother’s life because his father preferred his brother over him and loved his brother more.

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