'The Queen'

‘Cringe sex scene’: ‘The Queen’ viewers react to the new family. Image via Twitter @Jabu_Mcdonald

‘Cringe sex scene’: ‘The Queen’ viewers react to the new family

The new family, the Jamas joined the ‘The Queen’ after the departures of the Sebatas, who got written out this season.

'The Queen'

‘Cringe sex scene’: ‘The Queen’ viewers react to the new family. Image via Twitter @Jabu_Mcdonald

Mzansi Magic’s canned telenovela The Queen introduced a new family, the Jamas on Friday, 29 July at Hector Sebata’s (Rapulana Seiphemo) funeral.   

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The latest family (the Jamas) in The Queen are played by actress Sthandiwe Nkosi, who plays Londiwe Jama, Mbulelo Katise, who plays Duma Jama, and Tisetso Thoka, who plays the character of Ayihlome Jama.

We first met the Jamas on Friday (29 July) at Hector’s (Rapulana Seiphemo) funeral and later the character of Douglas Jama died while having sex with his young wife Londiwe.  

Mzansi magic reveals that Sthandiwe Nkosi’s character Londiwe is a vivacious go-getter who gets thrown a curveball but is forced to make it work.  

Tonight’s teaser indicates that Londiwe is Duma and Ayihlome’s stepmother as she looks too young to be their mother.  

Viewers of the popular telenovela also revealed on social media that seasoned actor Mpho Sebeng has also joined the show to play the character of Litha.  

There have been mixed reactions from viewers as they’re puzzled by Thando Sebata’s (Jessica Nkosi) exit and the Jamas raunchy debut.  

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“Thank God it’s the final season of this trash show. Brutus is the only reason people watch this show and the only reason the show has kept going. He’s the show’s main character.”  


“The writers are very shameless to just completely ignore what happened to Thando, have her husband not even ask of her, and Cebo acts like he didn’t see her and shoots her. I mean what kind of rubbish is this show mara?”  


“#TheQueenMzansi that was “woman on top?” imagine getting to the gates of heaven and your cause of death is that whack-ass woman on top thus nigga though.”  


“That sex scene made me cringe! I left the TV room without saying goodnight to my papazala because of the embarrassment! That was intense.”  


“#TheQueenMzansi that scene was unnecessary…we are made to watch nonsense really if not bo Morena ko #TheRiver1Magic our local dramas are so disappointing.” 

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