‘Lavish’ actress Jessica Nkosi. Image via Instagram @jessicankosi

Prediction: Thando Sebata from ‘The Queen’ will return

‘The Queen’ actress Jessica Nkosi’s character Thando Sebata shot and killed MaJali Khoza and disappeared after Hector died.


‘Lavish’ actress Jessica Nkosi. Image via Instagram @jessicankosi

Viewers of The Queen are wondering what happened to Thando Sebata, played by award-winning actress Jessica Nkosi, who bid farewell to the telenovela on Friday, 22 July. She was last seen on Friday’s episode, shooting her mother-in-law MaJali after her father Hector Sebata (Rapulana Seiphemo) got shot and killed by Harriet’s hitman.  

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The only person who saw Thando Sebata shooting MaJali (Nomsa Buthelezi) is her brother-in-law Cebo Khoza. Thando shot MaJali after seeing Cebo with a gun and thought he was the one who shot and killed Hector.   

Thando’s exit is puzzling to viewers of The Queen because she shot MaJali in brought daylight in front of everyone.  

Neither her stepmother Harriet, her stepsister Olerato nor her fiancé Bhambatha knows where she is, even after Hector’s death.  

She wasn’t even at the hospital where her father was rushed to after getting shot and announced dead.  

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Fans of the telenovela assumed Thando is dead after the actress announced her departure on her social media account.   

But viewers are now certain that Thando isn’t dead because she left without telling anyone where she’s going.   

Her disappearance also means that Cebo didn’t kill her as we assumed on Friday’s episode and that she left after she realised she killed her mother-in-law.   

Viewers predict Thando will return towards the end of The Queen to kill Harriet (Connie Ferguson) and avenge her father’s death.   

She left because she knew her life would be in danger if she stayed around… the Khozas would’ve killed her when they found out she killed their matriarch, MaJali.   

A viewer tweeted:  

“She will return like Shaka.”  

It won’t be the first time that an actor returns to the show after their departure… as actor SK Khoza, who played Shaka Khoza also returned in season six at Harriet’s wedding after reportedly getting fired in season five.