Lehasa Maphosa Murder Verdict

Lehasa Maphosa has been a nervous wreck since the trial started. Images via Instagram: @cedric_a_fourie

‘Skeem Saam’ review: Lehasa found not GUILTY of Fanie’s murder

Lehasa almost had another panic attack at the thought of going to jail but as with all villains, he was acquitted of all murder charges.

Lehasa Maphosa Murder Verdict

Lehasa Maphosa has been a nervous wreck since the trial started. Images via Instagram: @cedric_a_fourie

Monday night’s episode (07 November) of Skeem Saam saw the millionaire businessman Lehasa Maphosa acquitted of his murder charges.

This was after he unknowingly confessed to killing Fanie to the women in his life, Pretty and Khwezi.

“Greed and desire are what killed Fanie Maseremule,” Lehasa told Pretty and Khwezi.

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Before making their way to the court, Leeto showed up with papers that gave Pretty and Khwezi a share of his money.

This was to make sure that they do not suffer should he go to jail. A surprised Khwezi tried fighting Lehasa for including his girlfriend Pretty but the man of the house quickly shut her down.

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the father-to-be waited was finally bready to hear what the judge has decided.

While Judge Mavimbela was handing out the judgement, Lehasa kept replaying some of the events that led to him killing Fanie.

Lehasa almost lost his mind thinking of how he may be going down for a crime he did. Image via Instagram: @cedric_a_fourie

Some of them were good and then it got to where he told Fanie that greed sis what killed him.

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“This was not an easy decision to be made. There were so many variables to be considered. After careful consideration of what has been presented to me by both the state and the defence. I have a verdict, “Judge Mavimbela says.

“The State has done its best to convince this court that Mr Lehasa Maphosa killed Mr Fanie Maseremule. However the evidence was simply not enough to make a conviction,” continued the judge.

The judge acknowledged the shadiness that could implicate Lehasa but “the state did not lead conclusive evidence that could prove beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Maphosa committed this crime”.

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At this point, the courtroom had shocked faces all around. The judges added that the fact that the victim had enemies who wanted him dead as per the evidence presented, this is said to be incriminating more than one person.

“I therefore acquit the accused of the charge of murder as the judge finds him not guilty. This trial has reached its conclusion,” the judge says.

Even Lehasa was beyond shocked. He could not believe that he was getting away with murder and he did not even need to bribe him.

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