'Skeem Saam'

Image via Twitter @Skeemsaam3

‘Skeem Saam’: John Maputla is a male Brooke Logan…true or false?

‘Skeem Saam’s’ John Maputla is indeed a dark horse and probably the ‘most unfaithful husband’ in Turfloop. But did Meikie cheat on him first?

'Skeem Saam'

Image via Twitter @Skeemsaam3

John Maputla (Africa Tsoai) has been trending this season for all the wrong reasons. The most respected man in the community turned out to be the most troubled, secretive and unfaithful husband in Turfloop.

Just like The Bold and the Beautiful’s Brooke Logan who slept with Ridge Forrester, his brother Thorne Forrester and their father, Eric Forrester; John Maputla slept with the mothers of besties Kwaito (Clement Maosa), Katlego (Patrick Seleka) and Tbose.

Big reveal: John Maputla is Kwaito’s father

All hell will break lose at the end of June when they find out that Kwaito is also John’s son.

Katlego will also be furious with John when his mother, Charity Ramabu (Makgofe Moagi), skips town to escape Meikie’s (Harriet Manamela) wrath.

Meikie is currently suspicious of John’s behavior. She suspects that he’s having an affair with Charity again. And she has no idea that her best friend and neighbour, Mantuli (Dieketseng Mnisi), had a one-night stand with her husband.


There are also unfounded rumours that John could be Mokgadi’s (Pebetsi Nolo Matlaila) father. Mokgadi was married to John’s eldest son, Leeto Maputla (Eric Macheru).

Remember that John and Mokgadi’s mother, Mary Matloga (Motshabi Tyelele), had a fling in college before he married Meikie?

#SkeemSaam on Twitter were suspecting that Mokgadi was possibly marrying her own brother in the previous season. Mokgadi still doesn’t know who her father is and many have predicted that she could be John’s daughter.


Now that the truth about John’s shenanigans are out of the bag, is it possible that Mrs Maputla also has a deep, dark secret of her own?

#SkeemSaam on Twitter has always suspected that Leeto looks nothing like the rest of the Maputlas and was labelled the black sheep in season one. And unlike the rest of the Maputlas, he’s always been passionate about music.

If Leeto is not John’s son, it means that Meikie cheated on John first, because Kwaito is younger than Leeto…The plot thickens!