Skeem Saam Ntswaki Lethabo Mekoa

Ntswaki has arrived in Turfloop but is she as innocent as she seems? Images via Instagram: @lethabo.mekoaa

Meet ‘Skeem Saam’s’ unruly teenager Ntswaki [watch]

Turfloop has been rocked by the arrival of a new teenager, Ntswaki Maputla who has been called unruly. Who is this Ntswaki?

Skeem Saam Ntswaki Lethabo Mekoa

Ntswaki has arrived in Turfloop but is she as innocent as she seems? Images via Instagram: @lethabo.mekoaa

The Kunutu cousins were the first Turfloop boys to lay their eyes on the new and charismatic Ntswaki (played by Lethabo Mekoa) and to say they were smitten would be an understatement.

Ntswaki is a teenager who is visiting the Maputla household for the holidays and from what she has been up to, one can already tell, the road is about to get bumpy for the Maputlas.

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Ntswaki has received a warm welcome from the Maputlas.

Meikie Maputla (played by Harriet Manamela) seems to have taken a special liking to the teenager as she loves a hard worker and Ntswaki has been doing just that.

However, what Meikie does not know is that Ntswaki is about to bring nothing but stress for her. She does as she pleases and will not be told what to do. She lives carefree.

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According to the 18-year-old actress in a video posted by Skeem Saam on Twitter, “Ntswaki is an outgoing girl, she is fearless, she just lives in the moment…”

What I like about Ntswaki is that she does want she wants to do at her own time. She never listens to what anyone says. She does what she feels is good for her and she goes after what she wants.

Lethabo says that she is the same as her character so it has been challenging for her to bring the character to life.

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According to her backabuddy page, Lethabo has always wanted to be a doctor but her passion to act got the better of her and she had to stop lying to herself.

“I grew up hiding behind the dream of being a doctor. White coat, Number plate written Dr Mekoa and the passion of helping people was what I thought made me the happiest, but actually entertaining people through acting, presenting, dancing and singing put me at my happiest!”

Lethabo Mekoa has joined the popular educational soapie as Ntswaki. Images via Instagram: @lethabo.mekoaa

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Lethabo says being in front of the camera makes her happy.

“My vision is to see myself being the best youngest actress in the world. My dream is to inspire the youth to actually follow their dreams and fight for what they love”

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