Khwezi/Samukele Mkhize

Fans want Tbose back and are annoyed with Samukele Mkhize’s character on ‘Skeem Saam’. Image via Twitter @SkeemSaam3

‘Skeem Saam’ loses over 500k viewers after Khwezi joins soapie

‘Skeem Saam’ fans want Khwezi to go and Tbose Maputla back. The show lost over 500k viewers between November and December.

Khwezi/Samukele Mkhize

Fans want Tbose back and are annoyed with Samukele Mkhize’s character on ‘Skeem Saam’. Image via Twitter @SkeemSaam3

Seem Saam has lost viewer since Tbose Maputla took a break and new characters such as Khwezi and Joy emerged.  

Viewers are especially not interested in Khwezi’s storyline and have lost interest in the educational soapie.  


Skeem Saam has lost over 500k viewers as fans miss Cornet Mamabolo’s character – Tbose Maputla and have been complaining about Samukele Mkhize’s character – Khwezi.  

  • They have labelled Khwezi as ‘annoying, unnatural and infuriating’ since she joined the educational soapie back in November.  
  • Fans of the show don’t understand her role and are confused about her storyline.   
  • Khwezi started dating the show’s villain – Lehasa Maphosa out of nowhere after his girlfriend – Nothile (Mbali Mavimbela) left.   
  • The actress who played Nothile allegedly took a break from the SABC1 soapie after landing the role of Hlomu in Showmax’s telenovela – The Wife.  
  • Audiences reckon that Lehasa and Khwezi’s relationship was rushed and forced.   
  • Viewers have also compared Khwezi to Lehasa’s previous girlfriend – Lelo Mthiyane played by Amanda du Pont.   

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The loss of long-term character – Tbose Maputla also attributed to the decline in viewership as well as Meikie (Harriet Manamela) and Mokgadi’s (Pebetsi Matlaila) absence.  

Cornet Mamabolo who’s been playing the role of Tbose since season one took a break from the show in October 2021 to focus on his business. 

Tbose’s on-screen mother – Meikie Maputla was sentenced to prison for 15 years on Friday, 3 December and has made less appearances on the show.

The show went from 5 million views in September, 4.7 million views in October, 4.2 million views in November to 3.6 million views in December according to the TVSA primetime viewing figures.

In conclusion, the show lost 1.4 million viewers between September and December and lost 600k viewers between November and December.

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“I’m so angry at Khwezi’s storyline I’ve lost interest in Skeem Saam.” 


“They should bring Lelo back once, this one can’t even act this role.”  


“I think they are trying to create a crazy girlfriend role to feel the empty space that Lelo left.”  

Bontle Mazibuko:

“I’m tired of watching this Khwezi, boring as hell”


“Awoa come on guys she’s not bad at all. She’s an amazing actress.”

“Imagine if they tried to create a “crazy girlfriend” using a person who can’t even act.” 


“#SkeemSaam slowly losing interest in this show.”

“Just because of this Khwezi character I mean this is not necessary.”

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