Khwezi Lehasa

Lehasa is not falling for Khwezi’s games this time. Images via Instagram: @samukele_mkhize and @cedric_a_fourie

‘Skeem Saam’ review: Khwezi fails to seduce Lehasa

Khwezi’s lucky stars are not aligning as Lehasa refuses to share a bed with her. Even a romantic night failed to catch his attention.

Khwezi Lehasa

Lehasa is not falling for Khwezi’s games this time. Images via Instagram: @samukele_mkhize and @cedric_a_fourie

After Pretty Seakamela (played by Lerato Marabe) furiously stormed out of their apartment with Lehasa Maphosa (played by Cedric Fourie), Khwezi did not waste time swooping in.

Even though Lehasa paid lobola for Khwezi, he has made it clear that they are not together and he will not do anything that Khwezi expects of him.

Wednesday’s episode of SABC 1’s educational soapie Skeem Saam saw Khwezi try her luck at spending some time with her husband, Lehasa and unfortunately for her, he opted for the couch.

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Lehasa’s baby mama was heard speaking to her unborn child telling him/her that she will do everything in her power to secure their future.

The Nurse by profession started sprinkling roses around the room, preparing for “daddy’s” arrival. Unfortunately for her, daddy still has feelings for Pretty and it seems, he is awaiting her return, which may or may not happen.

Khwezi also tried to get Lehasa to feel the baby kicking but true to character, Lehasa told her to stop with her games. It seems the baby may have been kicking for real and baby daddy missed it.

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Lehasa no longer loves Khwezi. Pretty is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with but does Pretty even know that? Definitely not.

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Lehasa’s trial is starting on Tuesday, 18 October and the mighty businessman may be finally nailed for killing Fanie.

In an attempt to understand what is going to happen with the trial, Lehasa makes his way to a Sangoma’s hut on 17 October where he is given unpleasant news.

The November teasers reveal that Khwezi will go to Turfloop to try and save her baby daddy but things do not turn out the way she expected.

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Lehasa is left reeling when Khwezikazi disappears to Limpopo to meet with one of his rivals,” read the 2 November teasers

The 3 November teasers state, “A reckless woman’s efforts to save her man end badly,” and finally on 7 November, Lehasa finds out whether he is going to jail or not.

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